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Space Opera Token List

Here is a list of the tokens from the Space Opera token line. It shows which ones have been ordered are done and which ones are waiting  be done. If you wish to commission a few tokens you can do so on my order a custom token page. These tokens will be released to the public for free, there is no purchase or donation required. These tokens cannot be used in a commercial product, please do not redistribute them outside of your gaming group.

Note: I am currently re-working the token list. Please contact me if you have questions.

10 Replies to “Space Opera Token List”

    1. There are tokens I’m not allowed to put there. I don’t want to risk Roll20s well being. So Pathfinder tokens and anything with a strong IP stays on my site. Like Star Wars.

  1. Devin,

    I am not able to see any of your space opera tokens on the website anymore. I am getting a 404 error. Are you still in the process of updating them? I know they were available in September.


    1. I am making more sci-fi tokens, they aren’t specifically Star Wars tokens, but might fit in well enough anyway. I’ll see how close I am to a new Space Opera pack, might be a for sale thing instead of free stuff.

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