Off to Gencon

I am headed to Gencon today. If anyone chooses the Pick Six option on the token store I won’t be able to fulfill the order until I get back.

Things were slowing down a bit in July, I determine how busy I am by the number of emails in my inbox. For a while I was down to about 20 emails or 3-4 jobs. It’s surged back up to 50 emails and about 12 jobs. With the girls heading back to school mid-August it shouldn’t be too bad in about a month or so.

There are some cool projects in the works namely the Space Opera initiative. Started by Troy he wanted to commission space opera tokens that would then be available for everyone. I have close to 20 tokens so far and will release a free pack of tokens sometime in August. Then every time I make more space opera tokens I will release them for free on my site. A couple additional patrons have also chipped in to help take the financial burden off Troy. The space opera universe is huge and the release of tokens won’t be rapid, but over time there should be a large collection of awesome tokens to help bring your science fiction roleplaying to life.

In other news a group of friends and myself have begun work on making board games/card games. We are about ready to go public with our first foray into the business. It’s a hopefully unique little game called “Crabs”. I’ll have more on this later in August.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your patronage.

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4 Replies to “Off to Gencon”

  1. Menek says:

    Great news =D I make a french star wars campaign on the clone wars era and love your style of tokens and need it for the campaign, hype =)

    1. devinnight says:

      I’m working on two more today for the first release. Should be coming soon.

  2. Menek says:

    Ha good timing, I start the campaign soon so i think waiting your tokens for start ^^

  3. Troy says:

    We all do what we can, please drop lines on the sort of ones everyone wants, and be sure to look at the top to see what other ones can be used in your games. 😉

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