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Order a custom token

Custom Tokens
Most custom tokens cost $15.00 each, and are made to the same high standards as all my current tokens. Complex tokens may cost more and this can be established up front before any work is done.

When ordering a custom token, consider how the character would look from above and provide at least the following; Physical description, class, race, hair color, and any other features. Armor, weapons, cloak, and any other viewable equipment. The sample below is about perfect.

Name: Gladius
Gender:  Male
Race: Human
Class: Eldrich Knight, D&D 5e
General stance/demeanor: Relaxed

General Look:
Short brown hair, generally happy look, lightly tanned but clear skin.

Wears a brown/Tawney shirt. A jacket that hangs open in the front (One where the bottom/hanging part is mostly at the back and not too far on the sides/front.  – This goes to about knee length or a bit longer. The jacket has gold trim where a zipper would be/around the collar and the bottom part. Black cuffed boots that cover pants that are fairly fitted to the skin.

Cloak: None
Extras/additions to clothing:
Could you add a small/simple potion belt with maybe 1-2 potions on his waist as well?

Mainhand: Right Hand

An Elven Long sword, the shape is like the link posted at the bottom but the colors are mostly gold with silver trim and elven lettering up the side.
In his other hand could you add a small bit of fire or something, some type of magic. Something simple that complements the drawing well, fire, lightning, (just not poison or necrotic stuff) – Whatever you think goes well with it.
Weapon Reference:
(link to image)

I will respond with a rough time estimate to complete the request. Custom tokens usually require 2-4 weeks. I will let you know how my current workload will effect the turn around time.

Payment is expected after you approve the rough sketch. Payment in full is required for small token orders. Arrangements can be made for large token orders to be broken into smaller payments.

When it’s time for me to work on your token I will send you a rough sketch. These sketches are just very rough estimations of your character and pose. See sample below for a rough sketch. The b/w sketch you approve will go through several steps to become a completed token. If I am unsure of anything I will usually ask or send you a revised sketch to get your input. I will also share any step with you if you want to have input before the final preview. Once you see the final preview image you can still make minor changes if needed.

Note: I will do my best to keep any unique character ordered exclusive to you for one year. After that year I may include it in a token pack. Most monsters will find their way into a pack sooner than that.

Please send requests to:


1amroughsketch2amrefined-sketch 3am_lines 4amflats 5amcolors

17 Replies to “Order a custom token”

  1. I am very interested in some custom token although I think mine might be very easy for you. Basically I need WWII German Paratrooper (Fallschirmjager) Top Down tokens in stances of;
    Standing, weapon pointing
    Kneeling, weapon pointing
    Prone ,weapon pointing
    Sitting (on the ground), weapon pointing
    Sitting in seat, weapon pointing
    Running forward in a crouch, weapon only in right hand.
    Wearing standard Splinter B Camo (summer), Camo Helmet, Leather Boots (Not Jackboots), Pistol belt with holstered pistol, and main weapon STG 44 Assault Rifle – and a set of same stances but with the MG 42 Machine Gun except for the running in crouch with weapon in both hands but not pointing (just being carried)..
    A single one laying prone (no weapon) as a loader to the MG.
    A single one sitting with no weapon (driver)
    That is 14 I think.
    I can provide some photos of these soldiers so you get the idea. The stances would be of the same soldier in each pose. Is this something you can do? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey Mike,
      Thanks for contacting me. I had a contact form on the “order a custom token” menu page. I think the new blog theme removed it (I need to look into that). Please email me:
      I’m sure we can work out a fair price for the requested tokens. Thanks.

    2. Devin – First YOUR AWESOME! You have always been generous to me and friendly.
      I am not asking for a custom token here yet.
      But a suggestion.

      Starfinder and sci-fi in general really need tokens – specifically a sci-fi Fantasy spin Just a suggestion but I believe they would sell.

      1. Thank you. 🙂
        I have partnered up with Brass Badger to make some new alien sets, but we have both been too busy to get very far into them. Hopefully this summer we can release our first pack. I’m doing the tokens and she is making matching portraits.
        If I haven’t already shared these links here are a bunch of sci-fi tokens that are completely free for everyone. (Both folders have the same tokens)

  2. Hello.

    Sorry for my bad English, I am french.

    I need a custom Token

    Name: Natsil
    Gender: female
    Race: Chimera
    Class: Psionic Soldier
    General stance/demeanor: In Cast

    I have a drawing for armore and skin. ^^

  3. Name: heldrid
    Gender: female
    Race: human
    Class:Maître des Suaires
    General stance/demeanor: sadist
    i need a token for my party roll20 D&D sry for my english i am french thx for service

    General Look: long hair red and black / sexy body /skin very white / clothes very dark/

    weapons: scythe

    for style of armor
    for the style of personnage

    1. Hey Arthur,
      That token won’t be released until 2018. It’s a custom character and custom characters are reserved for 1 year.
      PS sorry for taking so long to reply I was out of town.

  4. Hey, Devin I saw your custom work with the star wars tokens and was sold immediately, before I purchase any I was wondering how the payment method worked, is it done through your site or through pay pal? Also, if I were to buy in bulk is there any discount or all $10 barring any complex work? Furthermore, If they were of the same complexity of your Rebel and Trooper variants and I bought about six how long would that take for completion on estimate? I know you said each takes about 2-4 weeks, but I ask because the difference between the ones you already produced and what I’m looking for is slight.

    1. Howdy. $10 is a rough starting point. If you are looking for a completely new token $10 is the cost. If you are looking to have me make a variant of an existing token It probably won’t be $10. My turnaround time is around 4 weeks to start and 6 tokens would take about a week to do. If the changes are minimal then a bit faster. Please follow up with an email to me at

  5. Hello again Devin, I’m glad to see the progress on your shop, i ordered a couple tokens from you a few years ago, and they were great. I would love to commission another, should you have the time.

  6. Hi Devin,
    I am not sure if you do vehicle art, but if so I am looking to commission some vehicle art that would be top down views of the following
    That would be a 4 wheeler with a single barrel turret and gunner on back
    A 4 wheeler with a double barrel turret and gunner on back.
    And 6 wheeler of both of the above (first image).
    Obviously I am aware this would be at a greater cost than a typical token/token set commission! If you do not do vehicle art in this manner, perhaps you know of someone else who does.
    Look forward to hearing from you

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