Token Pack 89: The Undying


Token Pack 89: The Undying

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This pack contains a variety of ghosts and undead creatures.

1 review for Token Pack 89: The Undying

  1. Kastion

    I bought this pack with the intention of using many Undead in my campaign and this isn’t the only Undead pack I have bought from Devin Night or other artists who’s work is on Roll20. This particular pack is a mainstay in my campaign. The tokens “DeathMaster” and “DeathMaster2” is who all the antagonist NPCs call “The Master” who is really a Lich that has lived over 1000 years. “DeathMaster” and “DeathMaster2” are the 3rd and 4th tokens on the top row of the preview.

    This pack covers all the bases of Undead types but it also works incredibly well with “Pack 26 – Undead” and “Pack 38 – Undead Pack 2”.

    Between those 3 packs you’ll have Undead Tokens for every type imaginable. I highly recommend all 3 packs but if you had to pick one of the three I would go with “Token Pack 89: The Undying”.

    Some of the types of Undead it includes:

    – Lich (Multiple variations of them)
    – Ghosts (2 Types, One Human, One Dwarf)
    – Shadow Dragon
    – Hellmare
    – Ravenous Cannibal
    – Skeletal Hound
    – Skeleton
    – Undead Alchemist
    – Vampires (Numerous Vampire Lords and a mounted Vampire)
    – Vampire Hydra
    – Zombies (2 Types)
    – Ghouls (2 Types)

    The Dwarf Ghost is especially useful in Dark Sun Campaigns where a dwarf dies without completing its Focus and becomes a banshee.

    This is hands down my favorite pack of Undead out of the 5+ I have purchased over the last month. I highly recommend it if you intend to use copious amounts of Undead in your campaign.

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