Fantasy Buff 5



Fantasy Buff 5


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This new Fantasy Buff Bundle contains the same packs as the old one. This new version will allow you to buy it paying only for the packs you don’t already own. If you don’t own any of the packs you will pay the full price, but if you have bought some of the packs you can finish paying only for the new packs you don’t already own.

Note: If you were not logged in when you bough the single sets the bundle will not recognize that you own some of the sets.

This pack consists of:

Coastal Creatures
Daring Knights
Heroic Characters 32
Heroic Characters 33
Heroic Characters 34
Two Legged Terrors
Maze Masters
OSR New Monsters only
Beasts and Beastmen
Demonic Forces
Fantasy Ships
Heroic Characters 35
Heroic Characters 36
Japanese NPCs
Fearsome Monsters
Unearthed Undead
Heroic Characters 37
Heroic Characters 38


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