Fantasy Buff 4 (new)



Fantasy Buff 4 (new)


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This new Fantasy Buff Bundle contains the same packs as the old one. This new version will allow you to buy it paying only for the packs you don’t already own. If you don’t own any of the packs you will pay the full price, but if you have bought some of the packs you can finish paying only for the new packs you don’t already own.

Note: If you were not logged in when you bough the single sets the bundle will not recognize that you own some of the sets.
Do not buy this if you have already bought Fantasy Buff 4 in the past.


This Bundle contains all the tokens from the packs previously released below.
The pack is made up of 26 packs and contains 884 tokens of monsters and heroes.


Token Pack 125 – Animals
Token Pack 126x – Total Chaos
Token Pack 127 – Fantastic Foes
Token Pack 128 – Fiendish Foes
Token Pack 129 – Heroic Characters 25
Token Pack 130 – Heroic Characters 26
Token Pack 131 – Steampunk Rats
Token Pack 136 – Demonic Horde
Token Pack 137 – Holy Warriors
Token Pack 138 – Nobles & Knights
Token Pack 139 – Vampire’s Curse
Token Pack 140 – Heroic Characters 27
Token Pack 141 – Heroic Characters 28
Token Pack 142 – Nasty Beasts
Token Pack 143 – Big Nasty Beasts
Token Pack 144 – Medieval Troops
Token Pack 145 – Mythological Creatures
Token Pack 147 – Cosmic Horros
Token Pack 150 – Desert Encounters 2
Token Pack 152 – Deadly Draconians
Token Pack 154 – Heroic Characters 29
Token Pack 155 – Heroic Characters 30
Token Pack 156 – Heroic Characters 31
Token Pack 157 – Boss Fight
Token Pack 158 – Adventuring Animals
Token Pack 159 – Sinister Snakemen


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