Today is the day we celebrate… 5 new token packs!

Hello again everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I always know going into summer that I’ll be busy running around with the family and doing fun stuff. This summer has been great so far and it looks like the rain may be going away for a while which means more time out swimming and running around.

Work has remained steady with new requests coming in weekly and several large token jobs in the works. Yesterday my wife took the girls out for a while and I sat down to focus on getting 5 new token packs ready for the store. Prepping packs takes a bit of time so finding time to focus on the work can be tricky. I had started prepping things on Monday but needed a good block of time to finish them up.

Let me talk a bit about my current thoughts on releasing tokens. I maintain a 1 year exclusive usage on unique character tokens. So if you order a custom token for your character you are the only one that will get that token for one year. After that the token will most likely end up in a character pack. So the tokens I’m releasing now in the Heroic Characters line are all a year old. Custom monsters and generic characters will often end up in packs much sooner, usually when I have enough for a pack of similar tokens.

I’ve set up a spreadsheet to remind me of the sets I’ve released and the number of tokens in each. The cool thing I discovered is that I could quickly total up the number of tokens in various sets, like free tokens vs premium tokens, total number of tokens released etc. So here are some numbers:
I’ve released about 2,450 tokens to date.
Free tokens released: 1,041
Premium tokens: 1,409The new sets have a total of 143 tokens in them.

Also through the magic of computers I’ve found that I have already made over 250 tokens this year.

As always a huge thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me to make tokens. I appreciate every custom order and every purchase from the store. Thank you!

I should have the new sets in the store this afternoon. Here is a preview of the sets.

Demonspreview ElementalsPreview HC7preview HC8preview MoreMonsters2preview

10 Replies to “Today is the day we celebrate… 5 new token packs!”

  1. Mellock says:

    I always look forward to more token packs, and there’s so much detail in these! The human demonhunter’s sword is amazing. The elementals are right in time for some elemental evil times, and I’m always happy to get my hands on more adventurers. Thanks a bunch!

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you!

  2. Adam says:

    Really looking forward to these new packs! It looks like there’s some great stuff.

  3. Sheena says:

    Female dwarves! <3

    I know what I'm doing next pay day.

  4. says:

    “Thank you for your great work devinnight !

    1. devinnight says:

      Your’e welcome.

  5. Atticus says:

    These are superb! Really, just outstanding work! I find myself making NPC’s just to fit the tokens you make, friend! Also, I love the Stone_Guardian token- it references my all-time favorite PS2 game. I didn’t even hesitate to purchase that set after I saw that drop on roll20 today. Thanks for your hard work on these tokens from myself and my gamers!

    1. devinnight says:

      You are welcome. I’m glad you are getting some good mileage out of the token sets. The stone golem was a custom commision, I didn’t think anyone would recognize it. 🙂

  6. Michael Balin says:

    Hi there. I got very excited when I saw your Elemental pack and bought it immediately. I’m running PotA at the moment, and when I saw tokens that looked extremely similar to the 4 prophets I knew I had to have it.

    I admit, I was hoping that tokens similar to many of the other Elemental Cult followers might be in there too, and it does seem a little odd that the prophet-alikes are but they’re not. Anyway, I’d pay good money to have tokens suitable for – say – the Earth Monks, Guards and Priests for example. And similarly for the other 3 cults?

    Sounds like you’re very busy, but do you have any plans in this direction?

    1. devinnight says:

      Hey Michael. I didn’t realize that there were several supporting characters, namely cultists when I made the elemental tokens. I plan on making a cultist pack to remedy that. Sadly it probably won’t be until next year. With the holiday season starting up and my current workload I just won’t have the time. Sorry for not knowing the material better.

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