Token File Updates

Thanks to one of my patrons I have been trying to clean up the files today.

I have fixed some typos on the free files and have broken it down into 4 parts now in hopes that it downloads easier.

All the files should now be in 400×400 pixel sizes, with no tags attached to the name. The padding should be stripped off of all of them as well. If you find a file that isn’t like that please let me know.

If you have the store email the links should still work, please download any file again to get the new files.

Thanks for your patience while I try to bring everything up to current standards.


7 Replies to “Token File Updates”

  1. Dan says:

    I have to say that you are my (and my players) favorite token creator. I am supporting you primarily through Roll20 at the moment, I’m afraid that I am just too lazy to purchase here and have to upload each and every file. πŸ™‚ But as long as you get 100% of the payment, is just fine with me.

    I do have a request for you, while I’m sure that you have some copyright concerns to navigate, could you create some merfolk, aquatic elfs, nymphs, water nagas etc tokens with a 1/2 submerged icon option? (Similar to what you did with the locathah tokens)

    I would also like to see some mounted tokens. I have travel icons for each of my players, and many of them have a riding dog, light horse, hypogriff, gryphon etc… so if you could somehow try and create them so they “fit” on the different mount options it would make things easier.

    Again, keep up the excellent work I am a huge fan!

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you Dan for the compliments.
      Those are great suggestions. I will add them to a growing list of future packs.

      1. Dan says:

        One last thing… I can’t tell you how often I forget the value of your “Townsfolk” packs! I absolutely love how they help to populate a map without “threatening” the group.

        A few ideas for your next one:
        A few more bar patrons, maybe one who has his head down atop the bar or table (passed out), maybe a drunkard laying up against the wall, tree, etc…
        A cook… I was thinking a large woman?
        A king and queen sitting
        A woman w/ child
        A maid scrubbing floors
        A boy tugging on a rope over his shoulder (for use with a cart or stubborn mule)
        Another musician or two. (I’ve almost got a whole band together :P)
        An old guy w/ cane or crutches
        Misc beggars

        Anyways those are off the top of my head, but maybe they can give food for thought. Again thank you for what you do!

    2. devinnight says:

      Also it’s great to buy tokens at Roll20, they are a bunch of great guys and the majority of the purchase goes to me. I’m more than happy to give some of the sale to them. As far as a user goes it’s to your advantage to buy them through Roll20. Thanks.

      1. Dan says:

        “Majority” ?!? grrr

        “… That’s because Marketplace payments go to other people (the people who make the artwork), while subscriptions go to support running Roll20.”

        Sure sounded to me like you received 100% to me … if you tell me that the difference is what the credit card company takes, then I can live with that, otherwise I’ll buy them here.

  2. devinnight says:

    Thanks, yeah it’s just a little bit to cover the transaction, very little. Love Roll20. πŸ™‚

  3. Dan says:

    Great to hear! Without people like you, they’ve got a real problem so I am glad they treat you right.

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