A thank you to all the artists out there.

I had a guy tonight ask me if it would be ok to make a 3d model of a character I will be making into a token. I told him that I would be a hypocrite to raise even the smallest complaint about that. For one thing it’s his character and he provided a painting he had done. Secondly I do the opposite all the time. People usually provide me with art they have found that helps them explain how their character looks. I look at and then make my sketches. The work of other artists inspires me. and in some cases I try to do that art justice in my own work. I think that because it changes so much from my unique perspective that I haven’t had anyone yell at me for stealing their art. I appreciate that a lot. I appreciate that there is so much talent out there and that the gaming industry is so awesome because of it.

I’d also like to again thank Paizo for letting me release the Pathfinder set. Again the art of those iconic characters is amazing, the amount of detail and awesome is above me. I tried to capture some of that with my token set and to some degree think that those tokens are some of my best work. I would be sad if I had to put them in the box and let them collect dust. So their generosity and open mindedness has allowed those tokens to reach well over 100 groups of players.

Lastly I’d like to thank everyone who contacts me for work or to just say thanks. It’s very rewarding to have people tell me about how the tokens make their games better. I’m glad I can be part of that.

So, thanks to all the great artists, companies and gamers out there that make what I do so much nicer.


4 Replies to “A thank you to all the artists out there.”

  1. Beppe says:

    Hi Devin,

    I agree totally with your words and… thanks also to you for your effort and your work! 🙂

  2. Ironxxx says:

    I’ve just had my third or fourth batch of tokens completed by this talented artist and I can’t recommend him enough. To anyone wanting to make their VTT games more special just ask for some custom tokens to be made, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  3. Outcast 2-4 says:


    Thanks for the free tokens. 🙂

  4. illo says:


    thanks to you too, Devin, for all your work, you are amazing 🙂

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