Hey Everyone, It’s August.

I will have some new character packs up soon. I’ll also be filling out the Townsfolk 2 pack this month.

I have mad changes to the checkout page. I have disabled everything but your email address. I know some of you recently have made a stink about having to fill out all that info. I agree I just hadn’t had the time to tweak it, Thanks to a plug in I avoided an entire days work of copying files and messing with stuff that it kind of out of my safety zone.

I’ll also be at GenCon this year walking around. If you want to meet up or play a game let me know.



Armor_Ant2 Armor_Heavy_Soldier

3 Replies to “August!”

  1. says:

    Loving the new character packs, more please!

  2. says:

    I love the three new character packs. Pack 46 part two has them as only 600×600 size, whereas all the others have them as 200×200 and 400×400. Was that the idea?

    Looking forward to the townsfolk packs!

    1. devinnight says:

      Oops, nope, they should all be 200×200 and 400×400. I’ve been fighting some small viruses and they are obviously winning. I am uploading a new file. You should be able to download it again.

      Thanks for the comment and letting me know.

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