Holy cow. I almost typed September up there. That’s how quickly the days are passing.


I’m pretty excited to announce that the Townsfolk II token pack will be in the store by Friday. I didn’t realize until I started going back looking for files that I started this pack back in April! Did I mention that time is flying by quicker than I can process?


Next up on my list is this years free token pack for all the followers of my blog. It will be a sci-fi set of around 20 tokens. I try to give away one free token pack every year to my patrons as a small thanks for your support.


Also in the pipe are set of soldiers, it started with WWII tokens but has switched to Vietnam era tokens. They are a bit different since they are meant to be used as unit markers for some board games. They don’t have as much detail and are meant to be grouped on a stand.

Well that is it for now, I’ll try to post more often if I can stop working long enough to show all the things I’m working on.

3 Replies to “October”

  1. dritzden@yahoo.com says:

    Looking good Devin!

    1. Ironxxx says:

      Can we expect to see more of the character packs anytime soon Devin?

      1. devinnight says:

        Thanks guys.
        I have more characters, I need to tweak them a bit, but I have about two more packs that could be released before the end of the year.

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