December News

I apologize for the huge gap between posts. As most of you know I am working diligently on my kickstarter tokens and I’m hoping to have that wrapped up end of January or early February.

I am working on the last little bits of The Frozen North Pack. I’ve had it mostly done for a while but haven’t set aside the time to finish it til now. With winter slowly moving in it seemed like a good idea to get it finished.

Also I am considering making individual tokens available for purchase next year. I will either find a wiz with stores to help me set it up or simply provide a previewed list of every token I have and then allow people to choose the ones they want, add up the cost, make a donation in that amount and then I will collect the tokens and send them. It will be a slower process if not automated, but I’m ok with doing the leg work.

I hope everybody has a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

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  1. demonsbane says:

    Good to hear that you are working in The Frozen North Pack! It looks very interesting to me. Cheers

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