End of October

First I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe.

I haven’t posted here for a while, I’ve been updating my kickstarter page weekly. In case you missed it you can go here to see where the kickstarter project stands. I just finished the first part, 202 monster tokens. I still have close to another 200 to make before the end of the year.

I still squeeze in a few other projects at night and on the weekends. I finished another set of maps for En Publishing in their Zietgist campaign. I had promised to make some tokens for another guy before the Kickstarter took off and I made several for him early this month.

An interesting request came in to make a couple Shadow Run characters, the interesting part was that the first character is named Jake Chambers, for those that don’t read Stephen King he is a character in the Dark Tower series. I think it’s cool that Jake ends up in the Shadowrun universe if you can kinet.

So here are a couple samples of work not done for the kickstarter.

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  1. David Stidolph says:

    I’m a programmer and recently got back into D&D for my kids. I just found your art and absolutely love it. I’m thinking about writing a program that would do the following:

    * Load graphics from a directory
    * For each graphic select the desired size (1″, 2″, 3″, etc)
    * Print each within a circle slightly larger than the desired size
    * Organize them (group by size) vertically with long vertical line between columns to cut page into strips
    * Alpha blend another standard image for damaged/dead version (one standard for all)
    * Output to printer

    The idea is to make it easy to print these out, cut into strips then use a hole puncher to make 1″ circles of them and then just glue the good and damaged versions onto the front/back of a 1″ slug or washer.

    Color printers are cheap and this will help my game play with the kids.

    I’m writing this to make sure you are ok with it, and I offer to give you the program when I have it working. It would be a Windows only program because that is pretty much all I know. Sorry.

    Thanks for the hard work – these are amazing! I don’t have a lot of money to put into this, but I will be donating the program and some money as I can. I’m also going to talk to my kids to get them to order specific graphics for their characters…

    David Stidolph

  2. devinnight says:

    Hey David, thanks, I’m glad you like my work.
    I’d like to see your program when you get it done, I have no trouble with you making it.
    If you are just now finding me, you might want to get in on my Kickstarter, even though it’s done you can still back it. For $25 you can get 300+ monster tokens. Check one of my previous posts for the KS link.
    Thanks again.

  3. JohnLammers says:

    The cornstalk warrior is a work of genius.

  4. Erik says:

    Hi, Devin. How are you?

    First, I wish to tell you that your work is great. Recently, I had bought all fantasy token packs you had put to sale in the Steam Store, and I am making great use of them in my 5th Ed. Games in Fantasy Grounds.

    So much that I want more of your tokens. But, since I live in Brazil and things are very complicated when we talk about international purchases (we pay almost the same price of the purchase in taxes), I wish to know if it is possible for you to put more token packs for sale on the Steam Store.

    Since Steam have a national representation in Brazil, I can buy things there paying much less abusive taxes, and so, I can buy more things. I don’t know if that kind of sale is good for you, but if it is not, I would be able to buy a big pack of tokens in March or April.

    Anyway, congratulations for your amazing work, end thank you!

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks Erik for writing this. I had no idea Brazil was so bad about taxing sales. I’m more than happy to work with you on sales. Feel free to contact me directly at devinnight @ immortalnights.com
      I know that I have sent just about everything I’ve made to Fantasy Grounds, I can safely assume he’s busy so maybe not everything is on the store yet. But drop me a line and we can work out a deal that gets you tokens without a huge hit on costs.

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