Holy Cow it’s July

Don’t ask me how July is half over already. I don’t have an answer. This month it’s more of the same. I completed an order for 35 tokens, but a few need some tweaking, and they added 5 more tokens to the order. Once that is wrapped up, or at the same time I’m working on that I will also be working on about 10 tokens that cover a troll-like race, with many additional heads so that the tokens can be made with variants. I also have several Star Trek tokens to make for a friend that I knew in High-school but haven’t seen in over 20 years. Follow that up with more tokens for one of my previous patrons and you have another two months of work.

On top of that I still have a catalog to put together, my long term client to keep updating their site, and another upcoming website and book cover design job.

My wife also thinks that I can sneak away for a day to make it to Gen-Con, which is totally cool. I love my wife.

On a more personal note my oldest little girl turns 8 today. Happy Birthday to her.

On a distant horizon is the possibility of a new online token creator… but that is a story for another day.

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