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Added a mega bundle of Fantasy Tokens

Listed as the Fantasy Buff token bundle. I’ve made a set that contains all the fantasy tokens in one set.

For anyone who stumbles upon my work now this set will get you started at the best possible price.

If any of my patrons have made a large purchase recently and would like to take advantage of this new deal please contact me.
It is and always will be my goal to keep my patrons happy with their support of my token work.


As far as current work goes I have my Wild West set and two Steampunk sets almost wrapped up, and a Cyberpunk set halfway done.

Thank you

9 Replies to “Added a mega bundle of Fantasy Tokens”

    1. I appreciate that. 🙂
      This is really for those players just now finding my work. But I really do appreciate all the patrons that have built up their collections one at a time.

      This holiday season I’ll make another free pack for patrons, maybe I’ll open the floor for ideas for the free pack.

      1. I’ve bought them all already too, which makes me a little sad. Not because it’s cost more but because I was hoping for more new ones, token junkie!
        Seeing as the impending d&d next is based in FRealms how about tokens based on iconic chars from that world?

        1. I will pick up the 5E monster manual when it comes out. I’m not sure what the list will contain, but I’ll make as many of them as I can.

  1. This is a great deal on a huge selection of very useful high-quality counters.

    My only criticism of the collection is that the scale of the images is not consistent.

    I had intended to print out the tokens and mount them on foamcore. But before I can do that, I have to go through a long and laborious process of scaling each image so that it is the correct size relative to other counters.

    1. Hey JD, Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I used to make everything scaled to each other, then the newer VGT’s started forcing the square size and kept the padding. SO anything that was small became really small on the display. SO I started trimming off all the extra and making all creatures fit the square completely. The easiest thing to do would be to sort them by size then do a batch resize on the small creatures to make them about half the size of the normal, then take the large and scale them up. I will also send you the files I have that are scaled, before I started the new way of doing things… I’m not sure when I switched over completely but I’ll see what I have.
      Thanks again.

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