Token Pack 103: Shadowpunk 2


Token Pack 103: Shadowpunk 2

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This pack contains 38 unique tokens. I’ve also included the headless versions of the tokens and the heads so you can swap them around and create your own variations using any app that supports .png files.


1 review for Token Pack 103: Shadowpunk 2

  1. Chris R.

    These are amazing! Exactly what I was looking for- High quality and so conducive to theater of the mind. All three of the Shadowpunk token packs are excellent! I use them for my Shadowrun games and they are perfect in that they bring in all of the Metahuman races (troll, ork, human, elf, dwarf and even some of the metavarients-Oni). Any chance you could be convinced to make more of these?

    • devinnight

      Thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying them. Those packs exist because someone ordered enough tokens from that genre that I could make the packs. I am still a bit burnt out after last year but I could be convinced to make more. If you bought the packs you should have the headless versions and a variety of heads, so making new ones requires a simple paint app that supports .PNG files.

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