April update on all token things.

I’m sure no one will be surprised when I say March and April have been a little weird. Yesterday I went into a store for the first time in over a month. I probably wouldn’t have gone if I could have helped it. I needed to get supplies to build a closet for my daughter’s bedroom, and she already has one closet. She wanted to remake her room and I wanted to to help her realize her vision of it.

I love spending time with my daughters and helping them. This pandemic didn’t change my daily routine much, I would normally wake up, help get the girls to school, kiss my wife before she leaves for work, then sit down in front of my computer and work until the girls came back from school. Not leaving the house was most of my days. For my girls though it has been a struggle, they are used to leaving the house every weekday and seeing friends in the evenings and on weekends. So when they need something I am going to do my best to help them cope with the new normal.

My output has slowed down a bit, fortunately I still have my mornings mostly free to work on tokens, afternoons are hit and miss, and regardless of whether the girls or my wife need anything there is always more distractions that keep me from getting into the zone. On the other hand requests have grown, not surprisingly with everyone forced indoors and gaming groups finding VTT’s for the first time, my workload has doubled.

Sales have also been energized by the stay at home demands everyone is currently facing. I put everything on sale mid-March and will continue the sale through April, probably keep it going through May as well. I appreciate everybody who buys my tokens during the best of times, right now I appreciate them even more. I am doing well, I know there are a lot of artists, hell a lot of people that are really struggling. If you have to choose between buying tokens and helping someone else, or helping yourself, don’t worry about me.

My goal was to try and get smaller requests turned around within a week or two, I wanted new players to be able to start using their custom token as quickly as possible, sadly with the amount of new requests I’m already pushing out new requests to about 3 weeks.

Before the pandemic hit us I was working with Silveressa to develop a new line of tokens. Same great tokens new package format. We have been collecting tokens into packs based on popular modules. I finally got the first pack done last week. Many of the tokens in the pack are from previous packs, but I needed to make 39 new tokens to fill in the gaps. The result of the first test pack is called Vampire’s Curse and contains 103 tokens (39 new ones). It should be hitting marketplaces this week.

In closing, I hope everybody is doing as well as possible, I am checking my email constantly so if you need any help with tokens and or VTT’s in general feel free to reach out to me. If you are looking for tokens but can’t afford to buy various packs to just get a few that you need let me know. During this time I would prefer you spend less money on my tokens and more time just enjoying playing games with the the assets you need.

Thank you, everyone of you, who helps me to keep doing the thing I love to do, which is making tokens to make your games better. I hope that we can all return to a more normal way of life. Stay safe and healthy, and have as many great adventures as you possibly can.

3 Replies to “April update on all token things.”

  1. KOM says:

    Thanks Devin. Love your tokens.

    1. KOM says:

      I realize that you would never find out, but is it OK to photoshop personalize your tokens for personal use?

      1. devinnight says:

        Yes, I know several people who modify their tokens all the time. You are free to modify the tokens for personal use. It’s also to modify tokens used in a close group of players and the Dms in the group.
        The disclaimer is that even though you modify the tokens they are still protected under my rights to the work. So commercial use is still out of the question. (I know you weren’t asking for that but for anyone else who might run across this post)

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