End of the Year 2018

Wow, what a year. I really thought I would have Tome of Beasts done long before now. Instead I have been working furiously this week and last week to TOB Pack 7 done. Last week I made over 30 tokens. This week I’ll need to make 20 to finish the pack. Then spend half a day getting the files ready for the various VTT’s and my own store.

After that I hope to start the 8th and final pack. I’m going to try and have it wrapped up the first week of January, that means working over the girls Holiday break, something that is a lot harder to do than it sounds.

If you have ordered a custom token you know that my turn-around time has grown to 2 months. Once TOB is in the bag turn-around times should go back to something around 3 weeks to a month. I truly hate making people wait that long for work and I hope I can do a lot better in 2019.

More often lately I have been running into problems with my eyesight. The strain of doing 3-4 tokens daily has taken a toll on my eyes. I will get migranes and what I call “Wonky” eyes which makes it impossible to focus on anything. When this happens all I can do is lay down and hope that resting my eyes allows me to get back to work after an hour or so.

I have been considering creating new packs based on specific modules. So getting all the tokens you need in one pack would be a huge time saver and money saver. Sure a lot of you are buying everything… and I appreciate that a lot. I’m guessing that most of you have a way to organize them, that’s a lot better than the way I sell them. I’m open to suggestions and help with lists of modules and tokens that should appear with them. I will try to compensate anyone who helps out.

Lastly I want to share a response from one of my patrons. I have a page on my blog here where I post nice comments. It really helps keep me motivated to produce work that you guys enjoy. I appreciate all the comments that I get. Thank you.

Devin’s tokens are amazing and have brought much more realism to my groups sessions.  Every time I’m forced to use a standard circle token rather than one of Devin’s amazing ones I die a little inside (and there are so many it doesn’t happen often, thankfully).
Devin is incredibly responsive and very quick to help.  Support this incredible artist today and you won’t be sorry!  Thank you Devin!

7 Replies to “End of the Year 2018”

  1. Alex says:

    Take care of yourself! Personally I’d much rather have delays and have you stay healthy than have your overwork yourself. Your content is quality, and well worth a wait!

  2. Devin,

    I ha e purchased a number of tokens from you in the past and just wanted to give you a shout-out for your continued work on your “Beasties”. Good on you and keep up the good work.

    Dale “Bronco” Himebaugj

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks Dale!

  3. Kris McDermott says:

    I don’t run Anything without your tokens. They’re all brilliant. Have a merry xmas, be sure to pace yourself and not overwork.

  4. Rein says:

    Love your work! I have a spreadsheet with the full list of monsters in Princes of the Apocalypse as well as which of your packs they can be found in (if any) if you’d like it.

    1. devinnight says:

      First off thank you for the kind words. I would be interested, I’ve been talking with another patron and making sets based on modules might be something I end up doing this year. Thanks!

      1. Rein says:

        Just sent you an email with the link. I’m looking forward to all your future work!

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