Tome of Beasts Pack 6 released.

Three things.

First, Tome of Beasts pack 6 has been released. Tome of Beasts is a product by Kobold Press, there will be 8 total packs covering all 400 monsters. Packs 7-8 will hopefully be worked on near the end of this year.

Second, Dark Heroes has been added to the store as a free product. It is fan art based loosely on Dark Dungeons with no official connection.

Third, I don’t promote this very much but if you are looking for sci-fi tokens grab my Space Opera tokens, I add to it every now and then so it’s not a product on my store. (now it is, not really  a product but can be found there)

Google drive


3 Replies to “Tome of Beasts Pack 6 released.”

  1. devinnight says:

    If you have already downloaded the DH pack feel free to download it again. I have added about 10 monsters that I had previously not released.

  2. Tony says:

    The google drive link links to space opera stuff, not DH.

    1. devinnight says:

      Both links are for the Space Opera tokens.
      The Dark heroes set is in the store.

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