August Update: Tome of Beasts Pack 6

Good morning everybody.

Things are going pretty well, over the summer I managed to get a couple more Tome of Beasts sets done and I’m hoping to wrap up Tome of Beasts set 6 this upcoming week.
September and October filled up quickly with custom token commissions. I think I was getting a new request on a daily basis in August. That leaves me with trying to get the last two TOB packs done in November and December.
Will it happen? Maybe, we will see if I can balance the custom commission work and the TOB work those last two months. Regarldess progress will be made until those last two packs are done.

I should have some new packs out in a month or two. One will feature WWII soldiers with a twist. Some other historical tokens and of course a mix of fantasy monsters and heroes.

As always thank you for all the support and kind words, it is and always will be greatly appreciated.

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