This Post is Horribly Overdue.

Well crap, it’s already February. I don’t know… yes I do. I do know where all the time goes. It goes into making tokens. Last year I made over 600 tokens. The vast majority of ones were requested by all the fine people who show up ant my inbox with requests. The life blood of my work is the large group of really creative and amazing GM’s and players all of this great world. I appreciate each and every one of you and strive to make each token as amazing as I possibly can.


So whats going on? I had a nice vacation with the family at the end of December. Some much needed sunshine and time away from the computer. As soon as January hit though it was off to the races. I’ve already made about 60 tokens so far this year. Next week I kick off the 3rd set of the Tome of Beasts tokens, that will be another 50 tokens in February. I just wrapped up some Early Medieval Knights for a great patron and that set is now in the store. The thing I did with that set is built a base file that I can build on top of, I plan on making a couple more sets of knights during the year with new equipment, shields and weapons. Did I mention that I am booked up through March right now and soon new requests will be scheduled for April. I wish I could turn them around faster but that isn’t going to happen until I can complete the 300 Tome of beast tokens.


If you are waiting for my Patreon I apologize, I wanted to kick it off at the start of the new year. I just couldn’t find the time to squeeze in the extra work. As excited as I am to get something in place and get more tokens out to you guys I just don’t think I could do that justice at this time.


Thanks again to all of you who made 2017 the best year yet and all of you who are going to make 2018 even better.


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  1. Matt says:

    I love your token packs! I started out using the free ones on Roll20, bought a couple other packs and now my players are hooked. I’m thinking of making the jump to getting both the Fantasy Buff packs, but I was wondering are they available on the Roll20 marketplace? It seems when I purchase packs there, they’re already uploaded which would save me a ton of time rather than uploading each token individually. If not, is there a better way of uploading the tokens to Roll20 that you know of?

    1. devinnight says:

      First off, thanks for the kind words. It always makes me feel good when people talk about how the tokens enhance their games.
      The benefit of of buying through Roll20 is that the tokens are stored on the Roll20 server so they don’t actually count against your personal space. You do have to pay the full price and they don’t have a bundles set yet.
      The benefit of buying through me is that you get a better price and they are bundled, however the uploads will count against your online storage space.

      I’m honestly not sure if there is a better alternative. I think it might be time to talk to Roll20 and see if we can get something in place, no guarantees though.

      Thanks for your patronage.

      1. andbruu says:

        Another advantages of buying from this site, is that you can manipulate the images before uploading them. Many of the small creatures auto size to fill out an entire square on roll20. By adding empty space to the image you download from this site, you can have it show up correctly. No more kobolds and halflings as large as orcs.
        Also, a few of the long/wide images (spearmen, archers, etc.) needs to be squared up to keep the correct dimensions on roll20. Note that you could have the token as an image on roll20 to avoid all of this, but then you loss the snap functionality
        I have bought both the buff packs here, and I find it pretty fast to upload – and a bit easier to search for the right tokens, as I can rename the files to suit my need/campaign.

  2. Edmund says:

    Welcome back, Devin Night!
    First and foremost, I hope all is well and congratulations on having quite a busy line up of customers. With me having always a been proponent of top-down tokens instead of portrait tokens, I appreciate that I can always refer to your work in how top-down tokens are, in some ways, superior and distinctive. Anyhow, most (if not all) of my purchases have been through Roll20 so far, thus I was wondering when you were going to upload your three new packs to the marketplace: “TOKEN PACK 100: ROMANS, SOLDIERS AND KNIGHTS” , “TOKEN PACK 101: HEROIC CHARACTERS 18” , “TOKEN PACK 102: CHAOTIC CREATURES 2.” In all, excellent work and best of luck!!!

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you.
      I submitted them on Friday so they should show up around Tuesday if they can get them processed.
      Thanks for your patronage.

  3. Velderve says:

    Will be waiting for the Patreon. I hope you can work for the next monster book from Kobold Press, Creature Codex.

    1. devinnight says:

      I don’t think I could keep up with the monster books being released, we will see once TOB is finished.

  4. Tophattedmenace says:

    Oh thank goodness you’re continuing the Tome of Beasts tokens. When I saw they offered the circle token version on Roll20 I was worried we weren’t going to see the rest of the set made. I’m glad that’s not the case.

  5. Ted Faure Jr says:

    I regret to inform you that unfortunately I’ve hit a financial rough patch and cannot continue to proceed with the Aztec project at this time. I hope I’ve given you enough warning so your work is not disrupted. Sorry for any trouble. However, I still intend to patronize your site regardless.

    Thank You,

    Ted Faure Jr

    1. devinnight says:

      Hey Ted,
      This is for you and anyone else that’s requesting tokens. There is and never will be any pressure to place an order. Unless I have already made the art. So at any point up til then it is 100% acceptable to cancel an order. Or change it. I really consider the (current) $10 charge a placeholder in my que. I appreciate you and all my patrons who request work and support my work by picking up packs here and there.

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