October, An invasion of the Roman Legionary

October has started off a little rough, the weather went from nice to rainy and cold. On the bright side that means less time sitting outside reading and playing with the girls.

I just finished up an incomplete set of Roman soldiers and some Sarmatian Cavalry. The set needs a few more soldiers and units to make a full set out of. Today I finished four Wild dog anamorphic characters, I really like the way these turned out. In the que are several new characters and some robotic time traveling hunter-killers and a few heavily armored futuristic soldiers.

Thanks for stopping in.


CP_F_WildDog_FMU CP_F_WildDogMonk CP_M_Armored_WildDog SarmatianArcher2 SarmatianBanner SarmatianSpearman2 SL_M_Human_Roman2 SL_M_Human_Roman4black SL_M_Roman_Commander_Purple SL_M_Roman3 SL_M_RomanBanner

3 Replies to “October, An invasion of the Roman Legionary”

  1. Gabriel Parrish says:

    Thanks for the wild dogs! I love them. 🙂

  2. Barry says:

    How is the Roman and Wild dog anamorphic sets coming along? The tokens you have posted on this site look great! I’d buy the two sets right now if they area ready and I just don’t see them for some reason!! 😀

    1. devinnight says:

      I need a couple more Romans to round out the set, maybe a couple guys in togas or something. The wild dog set would need quite a bit more to make it a viable set. Feel free to kick me about these sets in a month or two.

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