Steaming headlong into May

Hey Everyone, I’m releasing yet another pack. This time a set of Steampunk tokens commissioned by Josh. 28 of some awesome gear covered, brass plated characters.

Now that I have that set done I’ll be working on several custom token orders. If you have been waiting I appreciate your patience. I’ve been giving about 1 month turnaround times, and I’m missing those deadlines by about a week.

As well as tokens I have a couple new maps I need to complete this week and a few more illustrations. Lastly for this month I have another commissioned set…. Dinosaurs… this one will be a lot of fun. Thanks Lee.

Moving forward with Summer coming up and the girls being home most days I will probably have to bump my turn-around time up to about 2 months. I hope I can I can do better than that… but last year I had some jobs stretch out all summer long.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Josh says:

    Absolutely fantastic work! Cannot thank you enough.

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