New Items in the Store, Including the FREE Pathfinder set.

Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m adding 7 new token packs to the store. Three more character packs, some aliens, a couple weird hybrid creatures and a collection of new monsters. The big pack though is the Pathfinder Iconics pack. This pack is free to everyone who wants it. I will say that the pack contains some of the best token work I have done to date. Why are they free then? I contacted Paizo and they made it clear that the pack could not be sold. I am totally on board with that. They were nice enough to give me permission to give them to you… the best group of gamers… ever… for free. These packs will also be available on Roll20 soon.

I keep trying to figure out a way to reward patrons who purchase the most tokens but I haven’t been able to formulate a working plan yet. I wish that the store could apply a discount to all orders over a certain amount, and track that based on user, so as a person bought more and more tokens the price would steadily decrease on future packs. If anyone is an e-commerce guru I’d love to talk to you.

In just the past two days I have received commissions for a pack of Steamwork tokens and Shadowrun compatible tokens. They won’t be done until March but they should be pretty awesome and I will be adding those to the store. I will of course have updates along the way to show them off.

Thanks for reading and the continued patronage, here is a glimpse of the Deadlands compatible tokens.

DL_desert_thing DL_Judge DL_Mojave_Rattler


2 Replies to “New Items in the Store, Including the FREE Pathfinder set.”

  1. Ironxxx says:

    Superb tokens, thanks for giving them away, I’d guess you didnt have to so thanks again from my players and I

    1. devinnight says:

      No I didn’t HAVE to give them away, but I have been very lucky to have a ton of great patrons who continue to support my work. If I have a set I can’t sell for whatever reason then you can believe my next thought is to give them away to my patrons. Also a big thanks has to go to those patrons who commission the new token packs to begin with. Thanks!!

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