June Started Off Rough

We had planned on installing some new flooring in our lower living room… we just hadn’t planned on it being in early June. Things have a way of working out though and the installer was ready to go the second the flooring was delivered. It put me about a week behind on my workload, but I’m working through it.

I am planning on releasing new token packs in July, mainly Hero Tokens. I think the  new Town pack featuring medieval peasants, workers, and minor nobles should also be wrapped up in July.

The rest of the summer is already packed with awesome things and today I found out that Shadowrun PC game is being released on July 25th.

Here are a few new characters that I recently wrapped up.

Human_male_duelist Human_Male_Knight_Dirtied Human_young-male_mage JB_Dark_Elven_Male_Archer JB_gnome_male_caster JB_Human_Male_Cleric

2 Replies to “June Started Off Rough”

  1. Kazzap says:

    Im actually really looking forward to the new token pack, I have lots of monsters and bad guys but finding myself lacking on just town NPCs.

    1. devinnight says:

      I just added another token to the packs, it’s growing slowly. I’ll try to have it ready later in July. Thanks.

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