Mid September already

I want to thank everyone who has waited patiently while I work though backlog of work.

I am working on getting all the custom characters done this week. That will free me up to focus on the Monster tokens and just a few other jobs.

Thanks for all the support I appreciate having a great base of clients and patrons.

So here are about half of the custom characters, including two cowboys (ones a kobold) and my first Steampunk token.

2 Replies to “Mid September already”

  1. Konrad Jaschke says:

    Looks like there is a Drow in there. You might want to think about making a Drow pack. There is a Kickstarter that is funded and it will be revamping their successful Drow Underdark adventure. They are adding lots of stuff. A token pack for it would be awesome. You have lots of time since the adventure won’t be out until next year.

    1. devinnight says:

      I have the Dark Dwellers free pack that contained a bunch of drow. Like everything else they are getting a bit rough looking compared to my newer stuff. A revisiting of the Drow might be a good idea.

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