Well February is half over already. It’s been pretty good so far. I have a couple new jobs lined up. The usual new custom tokens and out of the blue got a book cover gig for a small press book. This job came from the reference of a great guy up in Canada. David S. tried to help me keep Four Ugly Monsters going for a while, he was a huge part of the last couple FUMcons. So big thanks to him.

I’ll also get to flex the brain matter a bit by helping Gamewick Games in cleaning up their logos. I’m also working on a map project for a guy in Europe, I will have more info as I get further into that project and take the time to collect the links and names to do the job justice.

Good things recently include watching “The Walking Dead” and a great night out with my wife and girls at Logan’s Steakhouse.Also a new record in visits to the blog… 200+ yeah It’s not way up there but it’s the highest so far so I am happy. I also met with fellow Cartographer MMMMMMMPig for cheesecake.. the delicious kind at the Cheesecake Factory to talk about maps and other things.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to have some new images to show off next time.

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