New tokens and Early February News

I spent the weekend making this set of tokens. There is one additional token in there that isn’t part of the set.

If anyone can tell me the setting for these tokens I’ll send the first correct response a free token pack from my store.

In other news, work is steady. It seems when things start slowing down andf I think I will start some of my own projects three or four emails will come in with job offers. Occasionally they will fizzle out but most of the time I end up adding another job to the list and my own projects go on the back burner. So what kind of things would I be doing if I was bored? I have been working on a card game with an amazing illustrator, I’d like to create a boardgame with a sci-fi theme, and continue making new packs of tokens.

2 Replies to “New tokens and Early February News”

  1. These tokens look like they are for a Wheel of Time campaign. I see trollocs and a myrddral, the golden sun emblem of Cairhein.

    1. devinnight says:

      You are correct! good job.

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