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Things continue to keep me busy, I’m going to try to take most of July off… just to do the work that I haven’t been able to get around to doing. That list includes finishing the Frost Giants and cleaning the garage and basement. This month I have finished another set of icons for Rite Publishing. These Icons are for their Jade Oath product line, this set brings the total number of icons to 46, though only 18 were part of this last batch. See more products from Rite here.

I am also trying to get through a set of 35 tokens for Leszek from Poland. He’s already released a turn based game and wants to make it look better by adding my tokens for the units. Check out their current game version here.

Lastly on a personal note of triumph I ran (ha.. walked) the Warrior Dash in early June. It’s a 3.5 mile obstacle course and it was mostly muddy and uphill. Sure my time was lousy, I’m not a runner… more of a sprinter like a cheeteah. I made it in at just over an hour and found that water and mud-resistant shorts are great for keeping you from getting too scratched up but they also don’t let the mud and water out of the various pockets… when I got done I was probably carrying an extra 10 pounds of filth.

Thanks for checking in.

Jade Oath Icons and Tokens

Warrior Dash.


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