Token Pack 27: Forged Kin now available at the store

I just wrapped up the Forged Kin set of tokens. I’ll be uploading them to the store in just a few minutes. Image below, ignore the pinkish glow, that glow will not be on the final tokens. store

I have two sets of custom tokens to work on, but I’ll be getting to either some undead or giants after that. I might also have some freelance work that pushes everything back another week so don’t hold your breath for the next pack.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work, either through purchasing my token packs or making donations. If you have already bought at least 4 of my new tokens I’ll be contacting you with a patron reward.

Thanks for reading.

2 Replies to “Token Pack 27: Forged Kin now available at the store”

  1. tivaan says:

    I am trying to use the store to purchase your token packs but I see no links to click to actually place an order…any help.

    1. devinnight says:

      Near each token set description should be a button that says “Add to Cart”. Once you add things to your cart then you can checkout at the bottom.
      If you cant see the buttons let me know.


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