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I haven’t posted lately and thought I should throw out an update. I’ve been working on several map projects, one personal for a friendly competition over at the Cartographers Guild, the map is a game board for a gladiator like game that Steve and I are working on in our spare time… and by spare time I mean about once every two months. The second set is for Brad over at Level 99 games. This set of maps centers around a desert setting.

I want to thank Jon Roberts for showing me that PS can be used for inking as well as coloring. I usually do my inking with a pen over my original sketch. Well pens and tracing paper can be expensive, and scanning in the ink sometime leaves less than desirable results. So on the floating city below I traced the sketch in PS… and I have to say I like the results of the line work much better. SO thanks Jon. To see some of Jon’s work head over to Fantastic Maps.

I’ve also started introducing the Lord of the Rings movies to my girls. I know Peter Jackson won’t be reading my blog, but I have to say that he did an amazing job of taking the books and making three great movies out of them. In the wrong hands that material could have come off really badly and set Fantasy movie making back another 20 years. So thank you PJ for making a 10 hour masterpiece. Now if we can just get the Hobbit looking and feeling as good, something with a bit more excitement to keep the girls attention.

Lastly I have 2 new multiple token jobs in the pie, and two more maps jobs.. but I want to get another token pack out, either Giants or Forged-Kin, we’ll see if I can squeeze that in.

Arena Game board and Cards (mock up)

Maps (WIP) from Level 99 games.

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  1. Joe Frazier, Jr. says:

    I would personally like to see war-forged next if requests count. I have a player who just started playing a war-forged fighter(broad sword and heavy shield if you need inspiration) in this weekends session, but won’t need a token for him for about 7 weeks. Anyway, I hope you manage to get a pack out by then. Oh.. and I am still waiting for updates on your Dwarven highway over on CG if you can eek out some personal drawing time. The ideas and sketches for that series are really cool.

  2. devinnight says:

    The Dwarven Highway… yeah I’ll get back to that sometime this summer if I am lucky, that’s part of a campaign I plan on running, so I will get to it eventually.

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