Map and Current Projects

I’ve been working on the following map off and on this week.

I have several more map in the que and a group of monster tokens to do soon. Spent the weekend working on the Dragon Kin token pack, it’s about 3/4 the way there. Not sure why this pack is taking so long, maybe because every part is new since the dragon kin have three fingers and three toes. All the heads are new as well.

Due to time constraints I’m going to be slowing down on production for probably several months. Wait times will be longer, but I will get around to everything eventually.

So here is the map I’m working on for

2-25-11 And here is the final

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  1. I like the subtle texturing of the water and land beneath your terrain detail. It has the granular look of applied washes of watercolor. Nice work so far.

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