November Release: Astral Antagonists

I just added pack number 84 to the store. Astral Antagonists is another set commissioned Matthew S. I wonderful patron who throws some great requests my way.

So it seemed like a good time to show these step-by-step images of my current process. If you order a token and you get the rough sketch the images below should help you understand just how rough that sketch might be and then what the quality of the final token should be.

1amroughsketch 2amrefined-sketch 3am_lines 4amflats 5amcolors

Also just for fun, here are my steps for GenCon. I had a friend show up on Sunday and he wanted to see as much as possible. You can see that Monday was a day of rest.


Thanks for stopping by.


5 Replies to “November Release: Astral Antagonists”

  1. Tiago Farrant Braz Pedrosa says:

    Amazing work as always !

  2. Tiago Farrant Braz Pedrosa says:

    Amazing work as always ! really like it 🙂

  3. Tophattedmenace says:

    Nice new token set. Are there going to be anymore planescape/spelljammer inspired tokens in the future?

    Also I have another question. I recently was going to buy your Dark Heroes token pack on roll20 but it’s no longer for sale and it doesn’t appear to be on this shop either. Is there anyway we can get the token pack in the future or is it gone forever?

    1. devinnight says:

      Howdy, I have some ships inspired by Spelljammer that may make it onto the store at some point.
      Dark Heroes has been taken down permanently. Sorry.

      1. Tophattedmenace says:

        The ships sound pretty cool. Bummer on the dark hero set though. What made it stop being for sale?

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