An adventuring party.

I just wrapped up this set of six adventurers. The request came from Dan and I hope his group is happy with the work.

In the line up for this week is some more work on some iconic characters, a map for a long standing patron, and a character illustration for Conclave.

I will also try to get some tokens into bundled packs. I love making money as much as the next guy and it helps offset my gaming and tech purchases. I realize that if you are just getting into virtual gaming and you stumble across my site the cost of all the tokens is quite a bit. I try to make that jump a bit easier by putting older packs int even larger packs. Also on the list is adding the character tokens I’ve done over the past couple years.

As always, thanks for stopping by, feel free to offer your thoughts on my work.

dwarven_female_cleric Elven_Male_Archer3 Genasi_Male_Swordmage Gith_male_rogue Human_Male_Deva Human_male_fighter_Flail

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