April Art

Here are a bunch of tokens I made that I’m calling Hybrid tokens. The are part animal part humanoid. They could work in futuristic or even fantasy settings. The idea of taking a lot of character tokens and adding animal heads could lead to a new and large token pack.

I also finished up a map project for Dan, you saw some early iso graphic sketches in a previous post. Here in these shots I have them colored and in place on the map. I enjoyed making these and will probably do more structural work in Cararra (3d app) before finalizing them. Unfortuanately I have so much on my plate that I was forced to work through this really quickly.

Thanks for coming by, I hope to have some more to show you guys soon, just waiting on some permissions.



5 Replies to “April Art”

  1. RPTroll says:

    Very nice, Devin. I’ll use them in my Savage Worlds campaigns.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks. I’ll try to get them into the store next month sometime.

  2. Christopher Kearney says:

    WOW Are these in the store?

    1. devinnight says:

      Not yet, I have several sets that I need to add, I just need to do a bit of prep work and get them set up. The sets I plan on adding are the Hybrids, My Spaceship Crew set and then The Qin Dynasty map objects and Dungeon Objects that can be used for map making.

  3. Heh, these look very familiar! Thanks again for doing them for me- and you still owe me a bone-shield for the whale guy!

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