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Token Packs

Token packs contain a variety of tokens and are grouped by theme.

I have made the 1st 20 token packs free to the public. You may distribute these freely, however they are still under copyright and may not be used commercially without my permission. These packs will be available in the store at no cost. (hopefully uploaded before the end of April)

I am currently producing more tokens and token packs. I am currently up to pack 84. I will continue to release new tokens as they are finished.

43 Replies to “Token Packs”

  1. Wow, great to see you’re around and selling tokens. I purchased your first ~15 sets plus two custom characters (amazing job) way back in 2007!

    How time flies. Ran into your stuff again after downloading roll20.

  2. (I could not find a contact form for the life of me)

    I bought the “PickSix” coupon pack last night before seeing the “Fantasy Buff” pack. Some of the packs I purchased overlap with the ones you offer in the “Fantasy Buff” pack. Would it be possible to get different token packs for the duplicates if I purchased the “Fantasy Buff” pack? I would appreciate the gesture so I don’t feel like I bought duplicates because of a mistake.

    1. Thanks for contacting me. I will email you.
      I will always work with my patrons to make sure they are happy with their purchases.

  3. Hey Devin,

    You did a bunch of Arabian inspired tokens. I was wondering if you were going to release and updated version of these?

    1. I don’t have any plans to do so. However I would be happy to make a new set on commission, a set of 20 tokens of your choice (or anyone’s choice) for $130. Preferably with some creatures inspired by Arabian myth.

  4. I see the 21-28 or 29 pack is now gone but was up a couple of weeks ago. Is that pack gone for good or will it be back. I recently bought the six pack and had planned to buy the 21-28 and kickstarter packs before the year was out. So I was hoping it will be back on the site for purchase.

    1. I haven’t removed any of those packs. It’s possible they got bumped further down the list. I’ll poke around and make sure they are still around. I might have accidentally hit a product level cap.

      Oops, you were right. About a month ago I was going to revamp the sets. I removed it but never took the time to create the new sets.
      It’s back. Sorry about that.

      1. Hello:

        I think you might want two releases:

        Ravenloft I: Vistani (Gypsies), Gypsy Wagon, Villagers
        Graveyard digger, Witches, Hag
        Ireena Kolyana aka Tatyana (Strahd’s Love interest)
        Strahd Von Zarovich (Vampire Lord of Barovia), Burgomaster, Ismark, Donovan (Priest), Madam Eva (Vistani Fortune teller), Barov (Strahd’s father) and Ravenovia (Strahd’s mother), Sergi (Strahd’s Brother)

        Ravenloft II: Dire Wolves, bats, wolves, green slime, gargoyles, Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghasts, wights, shadows, Banshee, specter, wraith, ghost
        Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, Wereraven, ravens
        Werewolf, flesh golem, iron golem, evil tree, giant spider
        Vampire, Vampire Spawn, Vampire-Maiden, Vampire hunter
        Guardian of Sorrow (Giant Heart), Symbol of Ravenkind, Sunsword, Tome of Strahd, Guardian Portrait, evil toy, cauldron, fortune telling cards
        Spider-Hound (spider body and a hounds upper body and head)
        Hell-Hounds, Nightmare (Jet black horse with a fiery mane)

        The good thing is many of the creatures already exist in your earlier token packs. Please let me know if you need any info on the proposed tokens. Thank you.

          1. Hi Devon. Did you ever get around to creating the Ravenloft token pack? I am just starting Curse of Strahd and would love to purchase a pack like this!

          2. I did not. If you want to put a list of the tokens needed for the adventure I would appreciate it. I can try to assemble a pack when I get back from France week after next.

  5. Hey Devin, love your work. When i attempt to use “picksix” it says that the coupon was applied but the actual price doesn’t change. Also, If i have 24 items in the shopping cart, will it apply four times or do i need to make four individual purchases of six to apply the coupon? Thank you. Get better soon.

    1. It should work if you have six token packs. There are some things that it won’t allow the pick six to work on, any multi-pack or map pack might stop it from working.
      Other than that it should work.
      You do need to place multiple orders. Sorry about that. I haven’t figured out a way to fix that without making multiple picksix codes.
      Thanks for your patronage.

      1. I figured it out. When using an outdated version of Firefox, the price at the top of the page would be displaced(it doesn’t display adjusted price), but the box at the bottom of the order wasn’t populating(it shows the adjusted price). Since it was my first time purchasing, I didn’t know to look for the box underneath the listed items. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. I am doing some heavy modification to the pack. I’m hoping to have it back online next week. The characters in the pack will be changed from it’s previous release. Thanks for posting.

      1. Hello Devin,

        I would like to purchase the Token Pack 77: Dark Heroes. When will it be available for purchase again? Have you had a chance to modify this set? Thanks for your time.

        1. Token Pack 77 is gone for good. The tokens from it have been changed to the point that they aren’t recognizable anymore. Sorry.

  6. Hllo,
    i’m new and i would know how many times it takes for receive the tokens,
    if you do it manually I understand , no problem.
    Have a nice week
    PS sorry for my english

    1. Hey Stephane, It is automatic, you should get the token links right away.
      I think the server may have had a hiccup that day. I am going to try and make it send the links again. If it does not please let me know. I will get the tokens to you asap.
      Thanks for letting me know.

    2. It looks like you set up an account when you logged out. You can always log into the site (it’s on the right hand side under images) and access your tokens that way.
      Thank you.

      1. woaw, I finally found . Isearched an “image” but it’s resolved thank you, there are perfect. Have you decided to do a fantasy buff 2?

  7. Heya, I was wondering is there a way to get the Fantasy Buff 2 Token pack on roll20? i got the first one but my upload limit is nearly done on roll20

    1. Sadly Roll20 doesn’t offer any type of discount on multiple purchases. On the bright side though tokens bought from Roll20 do not take up space on your Roll20 account.
      Thanks for your patronage.

  8. Hi, I’m searching for glaive-wielding armored warrior(s) in your collections, but to no avail. Apparently polearms are in short order, that’s annoying considering how popular they are.

    Maybe in your next collection?

    Cheers, Kotrin

    1. Hey Kotrin, You are right, I haven’t made a lot of polearm or long spear wielding warriors.
      The reason is that the tokens are constrained in a square format, so making a polearm tends to make the character part of the token much smaller than other tokens. I will try to get a few more into the mix though.

  9. Hi
    Stopped by last week looking for some tokens for wagons for my current campaign.
    Wondered if you had considered doing some wagons and chariots?

    1. I have some older chariots but nothing done recently. I didn’t really have chariots or wagons on my radar but might find a reason to add them in the future as part of the magical mounts pack I’m slowly putting together.
      Feel free to kick me every once in a while.
      Also check roll 20. I’m guessing someone has done some nice wagons already.

  10. Hey Devin,
    I’m new to actually using the roll20 site and found your token art to be awesome and very in line with how I imagine the various life forms of the ADnD worlds to look. I immediately bought packs 23 and 36 for a campaign that I am planning to start at the beginning of April ’18 for a few friends of mine and will be buying more of them as the party progresses to the next tiers or challenging critters.

    I was specifically looking for several ‘stock’ low level creatures.. you know.. kobolds, goblins, orcs, bugbears, gnolls… the beginning crunchies. I love the work you’ve done, but is there a pack or a combination of packs that contain any/all of the following: (I looked, but may have missed it/them)
    a kobold using a sling,
    a gnoll wtih a spear, and
    a lizardman wielding a club?

    I’m currently looking for those 3 tokens specifically and if they exist already as parts of other packs you made, I’ll gladly buy them. If not though, would that be something you might look into putting together and selling? A pack with ‘alternate’ weapons for the humanoid races of monsters?

    1. Almost everything I have is on FG. I should be getting some new packs together next month. Thanks for your patronage. – Devin

  11. hi Devin,
    Seriously impressed by these tokens. The best I’ve seen and I am putting a shopping list together to replace my current tokens (not the free ones I got from you years ago!).
    I was wondering I was either blind or whether I need to request custom tokens for things like wagon, cart, tent, the usual adventurer stuff. I bit like the Qin Dynasty Map Objects, but more related to generic fantasy adventuring.

    1. I have a standard fantasy dungeon objects pack. I don’t focus on map elements as much as I used to, at least not right now. I’ve focused on characters and monsters. There are a lot of other amazing artists that cover those things. Look up David Hemenway.
      Thanks for the patronage.

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