About Devin Night

I’m a freelance designer/illustrator. I’ve been working from home for the past 16 years. I’ve watched my two little girls grow up to be young ladies and having that opportunity has made me very lucky.

My background has always been in production/pre-press and design. When I started making overhead tokens over 15 years ago as a hobby I had no idea it would lead to such a fulfilling career. I’ve been very lucky to have so many supportive patrons and of course a loving wife who stuck with me in the early years of my token career.

As a hobby I like to game and create gaming material, I’m most widely known (in the virtual gaming circles) for my overhead tokens which this site should showcase well enough.
I’ve been DM’ing and playing since the early 80′s. While DnD has been the largest part of that game time I have dabbled in other role playing games. I also enjoy many types of wargaming and boardgames.

Thanks to everybody who stops by and has a look or picks something up. I appreciate every bit of support I get.

contact me: Devinnight@immortalnights.com