A Monk token.

This one was done for Doc. He provided good reference which I’ll post if I can find the artist who did the piece I drew inspiration from. I spent several hours working on a new way to keep all the tokens looking the same and keeping them scaled correctly. All tokens I post should have […]

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Tokens for Tom

I just finished these 5 tokens for a patron named Tom. I went back to the older directional drop shadows, while keeping a non-directional shadow as well. I think the directional shadow gives the token more depth and may start doing this on all new tokens. It takes a bit longer but it’s worth it […]

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Two new tokens

I’ve been lucky enough to have two days in the past two weeks where I could sit down and work for more than 1 hour at a time. I have more stuff coming, some token work and some illustration stuff. For now, here are two tokens I did of Seoni and Amiri, two iconic Pathfinder […]

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