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The Kickstarter Set

(2 customer reviews)

$50.00 $35.00



This set contains the tokens created during my Kickstarter campaign. This set combines all the individual packs, making it easy to get them all in one item.

These sets can be bought separately but buying them that way takes more time and costs more.
The separate packs are all labeled with “Kickstarted” There are 10 individual files.

There are 376 tokens in this set.


2 reviews for The Kickstarter Set


    This set contains 10 packs: Animals, Demons & Devils, Humanoid Monsters, Summoned Helpers, Undead 2, Winged Fiends, No Legged Fiends, Two Legged Fiends, Four Legged Fiends and Many Legged Fiends. Grab the free packs and you have practically everything you need for a dnd campaign, there’s very little not covered. Great pack.

  2. bonesea

    Great pack and art works.

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