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Illustration work.





Items for a board game.


Tattoo design


Item illustration

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    1. I have some Star Wars tokens… I might have to release them for free in the future, not sure I can sell a pack based on the SW universe.

      1. Well, if I was to buy something else and they were a “bonus pack” my Twi’lek scoundrel and her droid first mate would really appreciate it….

    1. I’ve already started some WWII soldiers based off a comission. Not enough to make a pack out of yet.
      If I get some time, maybe this summer I can add some German soliders and make a pack. I love the idea of a Cthulhu set though, so If i get time to make more soldiers I’ll try to add some monsters. These things get done faster if there is a commission for the work.

      1. You mentioned you had done some WWII soldiers any idea if they’ll be released. Oddly enough I am thinking of running a roll20 Achtung Cthulhu game so when I found these comments that mentioned German Soldiers and possibly some Cthulhu I got excited.

        1. I sent you an email. I don’t have enough for a full pack yet, not even close. I would like to round out a set, but unless I get a commission to do so it won’t be any time soon. 🙁

  1. I was wondering on how keen you were about drawing lizardfolk, catfolk, and elves with wings? Specifically speaking because I run Shaintar, a high fantasy setting that incorporates those races (and more) regularly. I already purchased some of your sets that contain lizardfolk and catfolk, but I’m looking for a bit more variety. Angels work alright for the winged elves, but I’d love to have some tokens that didn’t give them all halos and shirtlessness too 😛

    Shaintar’s a niche setting within a niche game system: Savage Worlds, so I don’t expect it would be widely sought after, but I don’t think those races are so far out of the fantasy norm that a set would be unfeasible, but I’m still curious about your thoughts on it.

    1. I am more than happy to make tokens for any subject or genre. You are correct that some are more marketable than others, but that wouldn’t stop me from making some amazing tokens for you.

        1. I’m more than happy to make a custom set for that setting. I can usually do 20 tokens for the price of 15. Or sometimes even a little better depending on the content.

    1. I don’t sell them individually because I don’t have a system in place for automating the process. If there was a token you wanted send me an email.

  2. Hey Devin I accidentally bought a ‘pick six’ (because I am a fool). Is there some way I can get a refund, or just take the six token packs? Either is fine with me. My e-mail is, I have the code for the purchase.

  3. Might you have a collection of the preview sheets for all the sets? Hoping to have a handy visual reference png or jpg I can toss on my tablet so I know which folder to hunt in while I’m in a game 🙂

  4. Hey, great work.

    Do you have any tokens for gnolls other than the Two-legged fiends pack (which I have) or any tokens for raptorans (races of the wilds 3.5E), Goliaths (races of stone 3.5e), illumians (races of destiny 3.5e) or any wolf people adventurers like the Lupines race in dragon magazine?

    1. Sadly no. I’ve been meaning to make a gnoll pack but have not had the time. Of the others I don’t have many of them. a few here or there or ones that might pass for them. I do custom work if you need specific tokens.

      1. How much would it cost to get a token pack that mixes those three? How much input do I have with the custom order and how many tokens do you typically do?

        I will look forward to your gnoll pack!

        Also, do you have any chinese-type characters? I have your japanese ones.

        Anyway, great work! I can only use your tokens in my games at this point because the others just don’t compare…

        1. a custom token pack that usually has between 20-24 tokens would cost around $160. You would have full control over 15-20 of the tokens. I usually though not always throw in several alternates to round out the pack.

  5. I saw that a few years ago someone commissioned some Warhammer 40k tokens. Was that pack ever completed or available for sale? If not, I might be interested in getting some commission work done for both that and D&D fantasy tokens.

  6. I absolutely love your work. I’ve picked up some packs here and there. I have recently been looking for boss, villain, champion, and leader tokens (various races/classes) and I find they are in scarce supply. Someone with your talent could surely capitalize on the open market haha.

    Leaders of good forces or evil
    the champion of their forces
    Boss(intimidating, visually different than their lessers)
    Villain(cut throat, savage, calculated, unique)

    If I missed a pack or two with this stuff already in there please let me know. Seeing all your other work, I know if you released a Boss pack it would be amazing!

    1. Thanks for your patronage and for contacting me. Next week I am working on Making “Dark Heroes” into a new pack called “Antagonists”. It might scratch a few of those itches.

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