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Welcome, here you can find information about how to purchase token packs, order custom tokens, and usage rights.

About My Tokens
My tokens are overhead views of characters, monsters, and items. They are hand drawn and colored, with transparent backgrounds and soft shadows to help them stand out on maps. Each token comes in two scales: med-res and low-res. The med-res scale has 400 pixels per 5 feet, while the low-res scale has 200 pixels per 5 feet. Tokens can also be custom ordered for a small fee.

30 Replies to “Tokens”

  1. Hey, Devin. I was just curious about something. I purchased two of your sets, and the monsters are REALLY small on roll20. I was just curious if there was something I could do about this. I’d really love to use the tokens…but unfortunately orcs are the size of goblins and goblins are the size of a rat. Same issue with the gnolls and lizard folk. Seems like the medium sized humanoids are small and the small are tiny. Just was wondering if there was some sort of fix for this. Thanks.

    1. My personal fix on roll20 is to hold down alt while I make the figures the size I want. It makes clicking to the grid weird but I alt move them to get around it.

      1. Hey Sean,
        Sorry to hear the problem still exists. I imagine it’s only with the early packs and only with the Roll20 packs. I’ve fixed everything on my site.
        I will check with Roll20 and see if there is anything they can do.

    2. Greetings and pardon my intrusion, allow me to tell you I went through a similar thing, I recently found out that you can resize the tokens by pixels, using that will alter overall size filling out the square or space desired, see if that suits your needs. I’m a fellow Roll20 user as well.

  2. I would personally like to see a “swarms” token pack. Probably not high on the agenda, but I would purchase if you had all the swarms available and maybe a few more.

    I generally enjoy making my own tokens, however swarms are the ones I don’t enjoy making.

    1. I didn’t realize there that many types of swarms. I will have to look into it. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Do you make a pack for the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path? I’ve seen a few tokens of characters in it and was wondering if there was a complete pack to buy with the unique monsters?

    1. Hey Jeff, I have not made a pack specific to that module. It’s a cool idea and if I had time I would try to do something like that.

        1. The first step would be to make a list of the creatures/npcs that appear in the adventure. Then you could commission the tokens that I haven’t made yet.
          It would be $10 per token to fill in the gaps. Then I could assemble a private set for you. Then ask Paizo if I could release a set of unique tokens for free.
          They are ok with me offering free Pathfinder specific tokens as long I refer to them in doing so. I’m also busy enough right now that any large job is going to get stretched out over several months… so it may not be worth it unless your adventures move really slowly.

  4. I have bought a couple of your character packages for and I am enjoying the free asset packages as well, but I seem to have lost one. There was a free asset package called Reusable characters, or something along these lines, was it yours? Do you know what might have happened to it?

    1. Hey, thanks for your patronage, I don’t think that would have been one of my packs. Mine are almost entirely called Heroic Characters.

    1. Hopefully you got my email. Just in case you didn’t, when you launch Fantasy Grounds you will see a little folder in the upper right of the apps main screen. That links to the content folder. Drop the .png files into the token > host folder or token > shared folder. Shared tokens are seend by the Dm and the players, Host is for the DM’s eyes onlt until placed on a map. Thanks.

  5. I enjoy your tokens, thanks for all the hard work. I have been searching for tokens suitable for the Maztica D&D setting and it’s very slim pickings indeed. Thought I’d put this on your radar as the community support for that setting is very strong these days with lots of 5e content on the DM Guild.

    1. Thanks for leaving a post. I haven’t heard of the setting. If you want (and this is totally optional) send me a list of what tokens would be most handy from the setting. It can be as simple as just names I can google. I should have time in 2019 to start looking at making new packs. Feel free to follow up with me if you want.

  6. Hello Devin,

    The Tome of Beasts tokens are fantastic. Do you currently have any plans to create tokens for the Creature codex?

    1. Thank you. I don’t have plans right now…. still recovering… but that might be something I look at later in the year.

  7. Good Evening,
    I was curious if you have been expanding your animated token collection at all? This is seriously cool stuff.

  8. Ordered five custom tokens to be Major NPC’s in my Roll20 based campaign and they are sensational! A couple of the party have sketched their own, but most of the players have made their tokens by trawling fan art sites for something close enough. To actually have the token exactly as you imaging the (n)pc is sensational.

    Particularly is you’re staring a campaign, seriously consider all the players chipping in to get a same styled, exact token for each player. You’ll wonder why you’ve been making do with close enough google searches. For the years they’ll be in use (at least in our campaigns) it’s a very small price.

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