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  1. Hi I loved looking through your Tokens, there great! I thought Id drop you a message about my Virtual TableTop App , Maybe You Would like to host it or Link it on your site for use with your Tokens? what makes my app good , is there is no setup, just add your images in a folder.

    May I suggest you do some Historical Armies for miniature battles, this is what led me looking at your site?

    Bye From a gamer

    1. Thanks for posting and the nice comments.
      I’ve dabbled in historical armies, there isn’t a lot of demand for them, if that ever changes I’m sure I will get more made.

  2. Hello Devin!
    I’m so impressed by your work and I fell love with all the tokes. They inspire me a lot and I bet my group will love them, too. Since we’re not able to meet up at the moment, we decided to give it a try online – and I am so thankful that I had the chance to download a few token packages for free, to try it out for the beginning. That is absoulutley amazing and a perfect way to start and try something new.
    I’ll make sure to support and purchase some of the other token packages in the future!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a message. Thanks for the kind words, I hope your gaming group adjusts well to the new normal until you can get back to face-to-face gaming.
      Stay safe and happy gaming.

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