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About Devin Night

I’m a freelance designer/illustrator. I’ve been working from home for the past 16 years. I’ve watched my two little girls grow up to be young ladies and having that opportunity has made me very lucky.

My background has always been in production/pre-press and design. When I started making overhead tokens over 15 years ago as a hobby I had no idea it would lead to such a fulfilling career. I’ve been very lucky to have so many supportive patrons and of course a loving wife who stuck with me in the early years of my token career.

As a hobby I like to game and create gaming material, I’m most widely known (in the virtual gaming circles) for my overhead tokens which this site should showcase well enough.
I’ve been DM’ing and playing since the early 80′s. While DnD has been the largest part of that game time I have dabbled in other role playing games. I also enjoy many types of wargaming and boardgames.

Thanks to everybody who stops by and has a look or picks something up. I appreciate every bit of support I get.

95 Replies to “About Devin Night”

  1. James,

    Please feel free to use my tokens that you have done such an outstanding job on for me as a party illustration to demonstrate more of your work. I can’t wait to see the next examples of what you are doing for me and encourage you to always use them. You have my permission if you need it to use them to show off your talents.

    Good luck.

    J. Dale Himebaugh

    1. Devin,

      I just wanted to thank you for creating such great tokens for gaming, and making so many of them free. They are excellent for use in online gaming and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do the work and make them available to the community. I have downloaded the free packs but will also downloading some of your premium packs as well. Thanks again, keep up the great work!


    1. If it is an automated store item then you should get a link right away.
      If it is the pick 6 (the only non-automated item) then it requires me to put the pack together and send them to you.
      This happens as quickly as I can do it, but if I’m out of town it may take several days since it has to wait til I return home.
      If you have questions about whether I’m out of town please email me:

  2. Hey there. I’ve bought some of your token packs for my D&D group and we all agree they’re outstanding and add a lot to our games. We have one request for the future – the female players outnumber the boys by 3:1 in my group and we all want/need more female character tokens! We would gladly pay extra for a pack of lady swordsmen, spellcasters, rogues and the like. (And extra kudos if you could slip a female half-orc or two in there…)

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to drop me a message.
      Most of my character tokens are from commissioned work and a lot more male characters have been commissioned. However I am a big fan of the ladies, so I will try to add more female characters when I can.

  3. Hello Devin

    Do you have a package with all of your sets available? I saw a few sets but was wanting to know if you had one for all of your sets!

    You do such a great job on these and they help my roll20 game immensely!


    1. Hey David,
      I’m glad you enjoy my work.
      I don’t have one set that contains all the other sets. It would be hard to update and price since I’m always trying to add more sets.
      If you want to contact me through email we can work out a deal if you don’t want to buy all my current packs.

      Thanks again.

      1. Hello again Devin,

        I looked everywhere throughout the site and could not find your e-mail anywhere lol. It is probably right in front of me. I am actually wanting to buy all of the fantasy genre sets: 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46 and 47. That would get me caught up on all of your fantasy collection then I can nab them as you release them from here on out.

        Feel free to e-mail me.
        Thanks for the super fast reply as well!


  4. Hi

    Awesome work, your are very talented!

    Can you make a pack of tokens for the RPG Deadlands please?
    Or just a pack for some weird west game! Contact me by email please.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Thanks Frank.
      I haven’t really had enough cowboy commissions to make a whole cowboy pack. It is something I would like to do sometime.

  5. Hi Devin,

    I need an information. Inside “The Kickstarter Set” I find all the tokens that I can find in the Pack that have “Kickstarter” in the name?
    For example this: “Token Pack 35: Demons and Devils (KickStarted)”, this “Token Pack 36: Humanoid Monsters (KickStarted)”, etc.


    1. Hey Beppe,
      If I understand your question, then yes the “Kickstarter set” contains all of the tokens from the individual packs labeled with “Kickstartered”.
      Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Hey! Im brazilian, and i see your work, dude, thats awesome! give me cupons *—–* well, im brazilian, brazilians do that.

  7. Thanks for the awesome free tokens for Roll20. I’m just starting DM-ing there, and your tokens have made my life easy.

    I find they often don’t have enough contrast with the maps supplied by Wizards of the Coast PDFs, so I’ve taken to giving them a white aura of 0 feet, which sort of makes them look like old-school figures with bases.

  8. I wanted to take a moment and attest to the professional quality of Devin’s work. I requeseted a couple of his great top down tokens for my characters (customized). They created quite a buzz around the gaming table.

  9. I’ll take a moment to speak about the custom token process here on the site. I’ll admit I was already a fan of Devin’s “style” before I asked him to create a new piece for my game. He kept me informed throughout the process, sent progressive samples to comment on while encouraging feedback, and ultimately accommodated all my wishes into each piece. I was blown away.

    For the price he charges, the value can not be understated! Thank you again Devin, the process was so memorable that I am even eager to purchase the future “hero pack” that includes my custom token.

    1. I’m Devin Night and I approve this message.
      Thanks Dan, it’s always a pleasure to work with people to help bring about their vision of their character.

  10. Devin,

    Got an idea for creating a roll20-based adventure. Would love to use some of your Free tokens in the adventure. I read the terms for using your art. This would be an adventure for sale via roll20 marketplace – but I’m wanting all proceeds to go directly to roll20 (more support for them). {I’ve got to work this with the Devs – I’m sure they wouldn’t complain}

    In the materials accompanying the adventure, I’d include artwork credit to you.

    Anything else I’d need to do?

    1. Hey Paul,
      I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I think adding free tokens to an item for sale is going to cause confusion somewhere down the line. I’m completely ok with you using them as placeholders in the material and mentioning that all tokens used are available for free in the marketplace. I hope that makes sense. I appreciate you asking first and if there is anything I can help with please let me know.

  11. Hi Devin,
    First let me say I’m a fan of your artwork. Everything looks great!
    I have a couple questions for you roll20-specific:
    I am interested in the “fantasy buff” token pack, but I don’t see it on the roll20 marketplace. It says that “only space used by images I upload from my computer” count against the storage quota. Do you know the ins-and-outs of how that works? If I bought the items here from your website would I be able to access them via the site, or would I have to upload each individual icon; e.g., will they all appear in “my tokens” as I do a search? I’m not sure I trust the virtual tabletop’s search outside my own tokens (I was looking for a white dragon, and ended up looking on the web and finding your site).
    Regarding the “free” tokens (I believe it is the first 20 sets or something), are those downloadable as a package, or is it just that they appear in the sidebar when I do a search within the virtual tabletop?
    Does this make sense? 🙂
    Keep making more art!!!

    1. Hey Paul, sorry to take so long in responding. I’ve been gone all weekend.
      If you buy the packs from me and need them on Roll20 I can usually get the guys at Roll20 to unlock them for you. If you buy then from me and upload them there it counts against your total space, but if they unlock them then it doesn’t. I will talk to them and see if that is a package option we can set up on their site. That might be a good option for a lot of people. Please feel free to email me.

    2. PS: Thank you, I’m glad you like my work, and there is more coming. Now that the girls will be back in school I can get more done.

  12. Thanks Devin. Just curious to know your thoughts on how to proceed — should I post a comment on r20 community forum requesting the package option? I would prefer to buy the within the roll20 framework for simplicity’s sake (no need to upload, etc.), but If you think all will be copacetic I’m happy to buy them from you right now. Just let me know.
    Sorry to post this on your “About Devin” page but there was no link to your email.

    1. I just sent an email to Nolan with the idea of setting up a package option on Roll20.
      It will be a little more expensive there, but not much so, just a bit to cover their cut and the cost to set up.
      If you haven’t heard anything in a couple days give me a kick. They just got back from Gencon so they may be a bit behind on emails.

  13. Hello Devin, I just wanted to show my appreciation to this site and the great tokens you have produced. I also am greatful for the plethora of free ones you’ve put out. I do have one question. For the free tokens, is there a way to get those in Hi-res, if that means I would need to purchase it, that would be fine. Our group is just starting out, so we wanted the archetypal classes.

  14. Hey Devin, I just wanted to say YOU ROCK! You are a true artist giving the people the utilities we need to thoroughly enjoy the future of tabletop RPGs. It’s amazing between the free tokens you offer and all of the reasonably prices packs: you have done the tabletop RPG community an amazing and honorable service that will benefit thousands, possibly millions, for years to come. I am so happy to see an extremely talented artist like yourself be so kind and giving to the community! I will definitely be buying some of the packs soon, and I can already see it will be much less expensive than the hundreds of dollars that can easily be spent on publisher tokens (even just the digital downloads of them). You are doing us all a huge service and I am just so pleased to see someone put their talent towards such a good cause. Tabletop games like D&D and it’s followers are the last bastion of truly limitless originality and creativity in the gaming world. Your tokens are amazing, thank you so much for all that you do for all of us! I wish you the best and I will continue to support you in your endeavors. We need more people like you in the industry.

  15. Devin,

    I love your tokens and illustrations. I am also a graphic designer and an illustrator. You can see some of my work at . I also enjoy gaming and roleplaying. Do you have any tutorials on token creations and the way you work? I would love to get some insights. I wouldn’t mind paying for a tutorial either.


    1. Hi Jan, Thanks for taking the time to post and the compliment.
      I have recorded two sessions on Youtube, they aren’t very good though.
      Maybe I can do a hangout over the winter break are you on Google?

  16. Devin,

    I love your work, I was wondering if you do comissions? I am in a roll20 campaign, where i play a blue dragonborn paladin, and my friend plays a female red dragonborn eldritch knight. i could email you pictures(that i edited) to give you a guideline of what i was looking for. Because the only top down dragonborn tokens i found were yours, and while i like them, they dont fit the bill for the characters in question.

    Thank you, and may you continue working in the field you love,

    1. Thank you.
      I do take commissions, I have a tab for tokens at the top, under it is order a custom token. You can put both requests in one post and attach any reference image you want.
      My turn around time is around 3 weeks. Thanks again.

  17. Just wanted to say I LOVE your tokens and own 98% of them! I picked up both the kickstarter and fantasy buff packs along with some other various packs. Do you have a Twitter where I can follow you and see when you announce new packs. People always comment in Fantasy Grounds about the tokens and I am sure to let them know where they can pick them up!

    1. Thank you for the kind words and the patronage. I do have a twitter account but I don’t use it. The best place for new announcements is my token site.

      1. Do you have any token packs with Bullywugs in them? I tried searching through all of mine but could not find any.

  18. Hey, I love your work man! I’ve been GMing a couple of sci-fi campaigns and I was wondering if you are ever going to do a modern/scifi pack?

    1. Hey Kaleb, I have two modern packs and one sci-fi set in the store. There is one free sci-fi as well.
      I am currently working on another sci-fi pack which I can probably release next month. I don’t get a lot of requests for sci-fi so the packs don’t come together as quickly as the fantasy packs.
      If things slow down over the summer I’ll try to make some more modern tokens.

      1. Oh neat, I was more meaning like a bundle or set of packs, I’ve got my eye on your sci-fi sets for sure as we use roll20 quite heavily and using the fantasy stuff is getting annoying haha

  19. Hello Sir, As many people here, i’m very thanksfull for all your tokens, there are fantastic!
    I’m so impressed in each packs you had done. Thanks you for everything !

    BlackCherrie. (:

  20. Hey there! Would like to start out by saying I love your work. You’ve boosted the immersion of my D&D campaigns on Fantasy Grounds immensely. I’ve bought pretty much every single token pack you have available on FG, and I plan to likely work with you on getting some custom token for myself in the near future. For now, however, I just have a general suggestion/request for the idea of a larger variety of races as commoners. I’ve purchased the townsfolk and the various poor to noble class packs, and I’m loving them. But I noticed a distinct lack of anything beyond human; no dwarves, elves, halflings, etc. I was a bit bummed by this considering I’ve got a town in my campaign that has a good assortment of dwarf, elf, and human townsfolk. So whether you choose to include those in a future pack is entirely up to you, of course, but you can at least know that I would most certainly invest in it.

    Thanks, Dillon

    1. Hey Dillon,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Your idea is noted and I am going to bump it up in my que. I have a que for things I’d like to do but haven’t found time for. So I will make other race townspeople really high on the list. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  21. Devin,

    Thank you for your generous donation of so many free tokens to the gaming community!

    My gaming friends have all moved away from my area now and I’m in the process of starting a virtual tabletop campaign for the group. We’re really into miniatures and I don’t think using tokens that are portraits or such would work very well for us. But your top down tokens are just like virtual minis!! As soon as I received my free token sets and looked at them I was so impressed that I immediately ordered several more of your paid sets – which is unheard of for me as I’m very, well, “thrifty” is the polite word.

  22. Hello Devin,

    your tokens are 100% what i was long searching for. Thank you very much. I have one request. You have these beautiful pirates, and i need the right opponents for these guys.

    So i would be very happy about some musketeers and classic land swashbuckler characters. Pistols, rapiers, muskets, big caps. Persons like D’Artagnan, Cyrano de Bergerac, Cardinal Richelieu and some guys from the inquisition.

    If i missed these in your shop, sorry.If these are really not there:

    Please, please, give us some “coat and epee” action.

    Thank you,

    WINDEX out of Germany

    1. Thanks. Most of my work is driven by custom orders. There was a time when I could make whatever I wanted. I will add the idea to my que of packs to make if things ever slow down. Another option is to get a couple guys to go in on a special pack request. I can make custom packs (20 tokens made to order) for $150. I’m glad you like my work, if I do get around to some land swashbucklers I will try to let you know.

  23. Hi, I sent an email PM to your Monster KS Contact page. I didn’t know which was best to contact you at. Thanks

    1. Thanks. I don’t check that very often. You can always contact me at DevinNight (at) immortalnights (dot) com

  24. What a great set of tokens, I’m so glad Doug Davidson mentioned you during one of the Fantasy Grounds tutorials! So far, I’ve downloaded your free packs – thank you so much for making those available to everyone! I’m interested in buying several of your other packs, but I’m looking for some specific tokens, and I’ve noticed that you don’t list the token types in the description – I was wondering if you could tell me: Do you happen to have any packs with a Zen Archer in them or a Witch for PCs? Also, I’m looking specifically for Dark Mantles and Imps – would I find them in any of the packs you’ve already made? Thanks again for everything!

    1. Each pack has preview images if you click on them. I honestly can’t tell you if I have an appropriate Zen archer or Witch. I do have a dark mantle someplace, if I find it I’ll let you know. Imps will be in the demons and devils packs as well as the flying fiends pack.I’m glad you like my work.

      1. Thanks! I tried to peer through all the images, but I have to admit that my eyesight isn’t too good, and I just couldn’t always tell what things were, lol. I had a long look at a bunch of your archers, but I didn’t see one that looked like it was in a robe, or clothing that would make me think “Monk”. I’m glad to hear about the darkmantles. They feature heavily in this game. Thanks again!

  25. Hi ! First, Thank you very much, I love your artwork. I used so many of them. I have two questions who touches my heart. What is the software you use to do awesome tokens ?
    and can you make videos for teach people to draw 3D tokens for VTT ?
    I ask you this because I am very interested, I would launch myself as a designer. I would start with what you’re doing. I’m grateful for having read this message, hoping for an answer.

    1. Hey, first of all thank you.
      I use mainly photoshop for my work, though any good drawing program would work. I have a couple videos on You tube, search for devin night. I don’t talk in the latest one, I need to record some voice over it.

      1. Hi ! I tried to find your youtube channel but I found nothing 🙁
        All I’d like to know is: Can you teach people to draw tokens themself ?
        I would love draw like you. As I would do the same thing years later.
        Pleasures, Sneox20.

        1. Hey Sneox, I only have a couple videos posted under Devin Night. The bottom line is drawing. Draw everyday, start simple and work to be better.

  26. Thank you so much for the freebees Devin, I now have a go to site and person where I can get more of what I need, when I can afford them.

  27. Hi Devin. Wasn’t sure if my reply through email reached you. The email app can’t show our conversation. Anyway thank you very much . I owe you one. Happy holidays 🙂

  28. Hey Devin,

    Just wanted to know, if I buy the kickstarter pack will I also get codes to unlock them on roll20? I like the idea of buying a bunch of packs all at the same time but I like the way roll20 organizes them instead of manually adding them myself.


  29. Hi Devin

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work, this allowed me to start the role play and, for that, let me give you a huge thank you!


  30. Hi Devin,

    Your fantastic artwork and illustrations have been absolutely invaluable for my Roll20 games and all my players are amazed at how well represented their characters appear from the tokens I’ve provided them. Thank you so much for your hard work, it’s been extremely useful.


    1. I’m glad you like it. Thanks for stopping in to leave a message. It keeps me motivated and excited to make more tokens.

  31. Hey Devin,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the many custom orders I have placed and for getting them done for me to use for my games. Your tokens are the best out there!

    1. You my friend have great taste. Seriously though, thank you. A large part of what I do is because great patrons like you provide me with the inspiration to make great tokens. Thank you.

  32. Hi Devin, I finished ordering the pick six bundle by mistake on my cart but was not able to get the six separate token packs that I wanted. is it still possible for me to get the six token packs? Thank you!

  33. Hey Devin, great work man, i just want to ask if there is any chance for me to get the tokens u have on the thumbnail of your site, the raging barbarian with the orange outline and the the pretorian with golden armor and red spear, i couldn’t find them anywhere, thx for the great work sir!

  34. Hello – Having some trouble with some tokens I purchased a while back on map tools.

    I have tried both sizes and the same thing happens. I drop the token in and it is very small- when I go into the config and increase the tokens size it increase the area of the “Box”

  35. Sorry to bug you again but I went to re download my token packs – hoping it would fix my above mentioned problem, because the Vikings 2 pack worked fine.
    But it does not show the Pick 6 I bought just the free 1-20 sets

  36. I’m working on a RTS game and think your tokens are the right fit. If I purchase the packs am I allowed to use in my game or can I purchase a license for the right to use?

  37. Devin,

    Cool art work. I like that it is overhead (bird’s eye view). Similar to the previous comment from Pete, I would like to purchase some of your art to use in a video game. But I would like them to be animated. Is it possible to purchase an animated wizard and possibly other assets, all animated?

    1. Hey Jose, thanks for the kind words. Sadly at this point I don’t have any animated tokens. I just bought some animation software and I’m going to try and learn to animate them. Don’t hold your breath though I won’t be mastering that any time soon.

  38. Hello, I just found your site. I was looking to buy tokens in bulk or bundles. Would buying the bundle from Fantasy Grounds get me more tokens or does the bundle from your site give more?

    1. Howdy.
      I think my Fantasy Buff packs are the better deal. You will also get the tokens in two sizes, good for FG or other VTT apps. I love FG and their bundles, but the tokens are at a much lower resolution.

    1. I completely understand not being rich. I appreciate your patronage. And not trying to upsell you be sure to check out the Pick Six deal, it’s 6 packs for $20. Thanks!

  39. If I were to buy your token packs directly here, would they be unlocked on Roll20 or would I need to import them myself after downloading directly? Either way, I love what you’ve made I just want to make sure I know how to make use of the tokens once purchased!

    1. Sadly there is no connection between my site and the VTT sites. So if you buy from me you would need to download them, then upload them to Roll20. It would count against your allotment of space.

  40. Just wanted to say I exclusively buy tokens from you on Roll20. So do my players when they gift me token sets for the campaign I DM for them. Hands down best tokens on that site. Especially your newer Heroic packs. Keep up the awesome work man. Thanks for helping bring our campaign to life!

  41. Thank you very much for the excellent custom icon you made for me! The player I bought it for loves it.

    While I have purchased several token sets from you both here and on roll20, this is the first custom token I have commissioned. I strongly recommend it to anyone with that special character that really needs a personal icon!

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