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March Madness has already begun.

I’m not talking basketball, I’m talking the insane amount of work I have sitting in my inbox. At the end of last year I had trimmed my inbox down to a mere 9 emails. I could see the entire list on-screen at once. Now I’m looking at roughly 33 emails. Almost every one of those is a token job, a few are for illustration and mapping jobs. Let me be clear I’m not complaining, I’m excited to be getting this much work. I only wish I had more time, I’m trying to turn things around as quickly as possible but refuse to deliver anything less than the best of my abilities.

Speaking of which. Two years ago I ran a Kickstarter with help from my friend Nell. At that time I thought the tokens I was producing were the best ones I would ever make. They are still great and the sheer number of them was a huge amount of work. My work these past couple months have made me realize that I have made great strides in token art. Especially character art. I have continued to refine my process and by working at higher res I can add more details and provide a cleaner image. I would like to thank every patron who has continued to support my growth and my daily creation of art. Thanks.

As far as the checkout process on my site… I have no idea how to remove the State and Phone Number areas on the checkout page. I’ve tried the obvious check boxes in the settings, but they just won’t go away. So I apologize for making you enter that info… though I don’t think Phone Number is required. If anyone can help me figure that out please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll post some images here of my recent work and then I’m off to make more tokens.   -Devin

JM_Dwarf_M_Druid JM_Elf_F_Sorcerer2 JM_HalfOrc_F_Monk JM_Human_M_Stalker JM_Imp_Familiar JM_Tiefling_M_Barbarian JM_Tiefling_M_Cleric

13 Replies to “March Madness has already begun.”

  1. Your work is amazing and I think it is incredible how much better your work has gotten. You don’t have to look any further than to check out your first token pack and compare it to your free pathfinder pack.

  2. I agree, your latest tokens are fantastic (the sorceress above is amazing) though I must confess I use the old ones just as much as the new. Despite using several different VTTs over the years your tokens are the one constant, keep up the great work!

  3. You inspired me to make tokens. And I am now even selling some commercially. Its great to see the progress you have made from the first token packs to the amazing intricate artworks you make now.

  4. When you get some time you need to make yourself a banner, I would be more than happy to add it to a number of signatures I have a virtual tabletop communities.

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