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February Work: Illustrations and surprise, more tokens.

Hey Everyone.
February is already filled with new work requests and March is looking to be just as busy.
I have started work on some creature illustrations for 10×10 games. It’s a nice break from the tokens and I’m pretty happy to note that I have got a bit better since the last batch I did for them. Part of that is just working at a higher resolution. The other part is having drawn a lot in the past year I was bound (hopefully) to get better. You can find out more about Conclave on their site:

The other stuff not too surprising is even more token work. I have quite a few requests in for custom work. The ones I’ll show you below are a series of historical viking warriors. I think if I can make a few viking women I can add in a viking ship and sell these as a pack. Image below.

In the Que is a new set of maps, some pig faced orcs and a healthy pack of modern characters.

Thanks for reading.

ConclaveAshGrue ConclaveEidolon ConclaveFirbolg0 ConclaveFirbolg1 ConclaveFirbolg2 ConclaveForgeborn1 ConclaveForgeborn2 ConclaveForgeborn3 ConclaveForgeborn4 ConclaveGaunt ConclaveNetherwen ConclaveNithalgand ConclaveUru1 ConclaveUru2 ConclaveUru3 ConclaveUru4 ConclaveUru5 ConclaveUru6 vikings2

4 Replies to “February Work: Illustrations and surprise, more tokens.”

  1. Nicely done.

    These vikings warriors rocks, viking maidens and drakkar would be nice.

    Glad to hear about your future work, on modern characters …

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