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August Kickstarter Project

The full details will be available soon as I finish working on it this weekend.

The project will be to create 150+ monster tokens from the OGL/SRD list. They will be virtual tokens created by me and Nell (see below) for those donors who kick in a bit more there will be an option for a printable PDF file. I’ll add a link to the project once the details are in place. It kicks off August 1st.


I’d like to introduce Nell, who will be helping me on this project.

I had the pleasure of having her in one of the classes I was teaching at CCAD. She had that right kind of geek attitude and we would discuss all things geek. I’ve only exchanged a few emails with her since then but immediately thought of her when I realized that the scope of this project required additional talent.

So here is a bit about her and  a link to her site. Attached below are the 1st two samples of her work.

Nell Bailey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer by day and an amateur seamstress by night.  Her favorite things are robots, especially of the transforming variety, dolls, and video games.  Nell is a fan of comics and writes and illustrates her own web comic that she updates whenever she feels like it, or has time.  She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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  1. If you can, add a “full commercial rights” tier similar to what Inkwell ideas did with the Monster Stock Art project – if it’s reasonably priced and I can afford it, I’d go for that!

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