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14 Replies to “My Kickstarter has been approved.”

  1. Devin, you definitely need a lower backer level. Some people on Kickstarter like to make small donations just to help out. $30 is a really high entry level. You might try something like a $5 and a $15 level. If you are making a Kickstarter only token (sorry, didn’t read everything yet) then you could consider something like this…

    $5 – full access to backers only posts
    $15 – full access to backers only posts and the exclusive Kickstarter token along with 5 more random tokens.

    just suggestions. Good luck!

  2. I’ll be in at the lowest level – and wishing I could pledge more. Glad to see Kickstarter being used for things beyond massive game projects and horrible music projects 😉

  3. Thanks Dave,
    I thought about that and I might add a level just for supporters. I lean away from that becuase I want people to back me if they are getting something out of it, not just backing me for the sake of backing me.. but I guess I really shouldn’t turn away all the great people that don’t need my tokens but want to be supportive.

    @Jeremy I’m counting on the lowest level to be the most popular. Thanks.

  4. I like seeing this project, and look forward to supporting it! I agree that a lower price point would help you achieve your goals – can you do perhaps a single-sheet level (Brownie level?) for some folks. I know this isn’t really “sheets” but you could maybe have 25 common figures available for $5 or something like that.

    Personally, I hope to support at a higher level anyways.

    Good luck!

  5. I registered on word press, just to say “Awesome!!!” this is great! I’ll do my part in sharing with my friends etc! This is exactly what KickStarter should be used for!

    good luck!

    (it seems that I used to post on your blogs all the time – as zWolf, but I couldn’t get that to work anymore… is the move to word press newish? (within the last year?) or am I just a touch Crazy, n it’s always been wordpress? (likely)

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to login as Zwolf, I haven’t changed anything on my end. Also, thanks I know you have always been a big supporter. I appreciate it.

  6. As someone that purchased all of you previous token sets (before they were free), I’ll definitely be backing this project.

  7. A couple of suggestions:

    1) Make the Stretch goals stand out either with additional images or bullet points with bold words or something.
    2) For pledge levels you might want to include levels for people to get their own custom characters done or something like that. Of course make these limited numbered.
    3) A pledge level chart that you can maintain and update is really nice something like this:
    4) May want to consider including an option with a T-Shirt people seem to really like Backer exclusive T-Shirts for projects from what I have seen.
    5) I would bump up the commercial license price a little more, to me that seems low (IE people would be getting a really good deal to use that many tokens commercially)
    6) Maybe add a stretch goal for a Pathfinder OGL/SRD monster set if there are enough different monsters:

    Those are the main things I can think of. Good luck!! I’ll definitely be pledging 🙂

    1. Also just noticed in the $100 and $250 pledge level it refers to a $60 pledge but there is only a $50 pledge.

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