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Bad news, Good news.

I am going to have to put a temporary hold on all incoming custom token work. If you are already in the queue (my wife pointed out my old way of spelling queue was wrong) then you will get your tokens. The situation is simply that I am over a year into making Tome of Beast tokens under a 2 year contract. If I don’t start putting more time into it I won’t have the packs done before the contract runs out. I am positive that Wolfgang will renew the license in some manner but as a matter of pride I need to finish these packs. I’ve tried to reserve weeks here and there to work on them but then those weeks get filled up with other token work and I end up not getting the monsters done. So I am making June, July and August reserved solely for making TOB sets.

I hate to turn down custom requests, it’s pretty much my lifeblood, not just the work but the interaction with all the great people who contact me for tokens. I’ve never been good at saying no, even when I know that I’m overbooked or that new additions will put me a week or two behind. So it’s not easy to just turn off this part of my work while I try to get at least three or four of the TOB packs done. I don’t think that I will get them all done since summer is typically chaotic with the girls so I may still have a reduced amount of time until the end of the year, but I will start working new request in.

So this is one of those problems that most people in my field would love to have. I realize that this is the result of having amazing patrons who come back time after time for custom tokens. I consider myself very lucky and I hope that when I open the gates to the chocolate factory in September that many of you will be there with shiny new requests.

A sincere thanks to all of you who support my work.


16 Replies to “Bad news, Good news.”

  1. I love your tokens, and I’m just grateful that you aren’t ending them. You do whatever needs to be done so that you stay in business, because that – simply-put – benefits all of us! Best of luck!

  2. Just saw this. That explains the silence when I put in a commission for more Knight tokens πŸ˜›

    No probs Devin. Love your tokens. I just wish you had more competition of your quality so ya would lower ya damn prices! πŸ˜€

    1. I usually answer all emails within a day or two. Sometimes I just need a couple days to process my workload and figure out when to add things to the que.

  3. Good luck, Devin. You can do it!

    We’ll all be here ready to order more when you’re free again.

  4. Your work is sweet! Really wanted to order a token but understand family and other major work must come first, any chance of a mailing list or anything for when you start back up? Or just to check back periodically?

    1. Thank you. I have a mailing list, but I am horrible at actually using it. The best bet is to just check the most recent post here.

  5. By the way, If i buy your packs can i use the tokens in commercial projects or do i have to order specific tokens for my project?


  6. Love your work Devin, and the TOB sets!

    A dream come true for me would be to see you team up with Frog God Games to do tokens for Rappan Athuk, but yes family must always come first!

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