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Site Maintenance Today

working on some fixes. 2-19-16

I’m working on moving to a faster server. Once that has happened I plan on fixing the checkout manager so the phone / billing address is hidden.

I don’t need that info.. though it is cool to see people from around the world stopping by.

Sorry for the down-time. If you experience any problems please try again tomorrow.


Thanks for your understanding.


3 Replies to “Site Maintenance Today”

    1. Germany, France, New Zealand, several US states and Brazil. It’s cool to think of my work all over the globe being used for gaming.

      1. I agree, very cool indeed. How did you get your start? I imagine it started small, simply people in your gaming group hitting you up for a token here and there. Maybe someday, a blog on your origins / gaming interests would be an interesting read. šŸ™‚

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