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Giants are coming!

I can’t say exactly when, only that a commission has put the proverbial foot in the door.

I’m wrapping up Ettins, Hill Giants, and Stone Giants at this time. Once I catch up on some other work I’ll add Fire and Frost Giants, maybe another 1 or 2 varieties. Suggestions?

Here is a little preview of a Hill Giant Shaman.

9 Replies to “Giants are coming!”

  1. Devin,

    I was directed here from a post over at Epic Table, which is in Beta (Very Exiting Times!) anyway, I am glad to see you are still working on new Content as I have always thought your work was TOP NOTCH! Thanks for adding to the RPG Community like you have!

    I’ll showing my support, as I can.

    zWolf -out.

    1. It’s related to that, but I’m also putting together a straight up Giants Token Pack, adding fire and frost giants to the existing hill and stone giants already done. I’ll add in a couple storm giants as well.

  2. YES!..I need giants.

    I’m getting ready to start the old Giant Series using MapTool.

    Any Idea how long before they are in your ‘store’ for download?

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